Saturday, April 24, 2010

Run On Mom

Illustration by Yuko Shimizu. See my previous post from May of 2008 entitled 'I Run Because I Care'.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!

These are the recycleable items accumulated by our family just THIS MORNING!   More than half is cardboard.  Saves so much space in our trash can just by recyling that one thing.

Think about it.  Then, do it!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Sometimes I take things for granted.  This is the blessing of what the fridge looks like after the weekly grocery run!  Full of safe, nutricious foods.  Plenty for everyone!  Sweet.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Hodge Podge

My brain is all hodge-podgy, so the blog will follow. Were I about 15 years younger - this post would be titled "Random". Sick. I think that's good.

Lowest weight on the scale today in 2 years!! SO pleased with that. After 6 weeks of no scale movement to speak of - I've gone down 3.5 in the last 2 weeks. Oh glorious day! I can also do 10 push ups and run 3 miles now, which is probably a better indicator of my progress than that silly number on the scale. Kicking butt and taking names. Hoo-ah!

Been thinking about our schedule for school next year. To be honest, taking off June and December works fine - until you are staring down the barrel of summer. Now, I think I'd (personally) have the whole summer off! I was thinking about having June, July and half of August off along with 2 weeks for Christmas break and 2 weeks for Easter break. No fall break, no Federal holidays, no Teacher in-service days. I haven't done the math yet - but that should work out to be a bout 5.5hrs a day, right now we are doing 5 hours a day and it's never a struggle to get it done

Another beautiful spring day in Nebraska! High of 80 and windy. I just need maybe one more climbing toy for the back yard and we have the perfect play place. David fenced off the last little spot between the southwest corner of the house and the perimeter fence. That gives me a tremendous amount of peace of mind while having all the little ones back there. Though, Susan figured out how to work the gate...won't be long before she's springing the others. Better find some wire to temp it shut.

Always an adventure!

Monday, April 12, 2010

A Long Way Back

Yesterday I went for a run. It was the first run of the season, outside. We are blessed to live in a perfect location for such fun. Our street dead ends at the bike trail, which goes straight to a huge park about a block or so away.

Our 11yo son went with me on his bike and I planned to go about 2 miles. A mile up and a mile back. To be honest, I wasn't especially excited. My running experiences since Cameron was born have all been inside on the treadmill. I'm working my way, slowly, to a goal - so I need to well, work on it! With a couple of training days during the week, I'd like to get back to Sundays being my "long run" days.

Off we go. My brilliant husband found an application that tracks my running location with the built in GPS in my phone. It has a variety of options to track your distance, elevation, and pace with a feature that automatically sends it back to a website for storage and analysis. Very cool. Also free.

I always start out by walking for two minutes, then a slow jog. It was amazing being outside on the trail. Liam was riding by my side for a few minutes and we were chatting and enjoying being together. After a while, I thought - gee, I haven't even looked at my watch yet! I glanced down to check my heart rate - still in the 140's - and noticed I had been running for 15 minutes without taking a walking break!!

After 25 minutes, I could see the bridge that I had in mind for my goal - so I decided to "just make it to there". When we got there, I wasn't tired and was feeling pretty good, so I turned around and ran on. A couple of more "just make it to ______" 's and I had run 3 miles! Man, that felt good.

Analyzing my time and distance, I came to the conclusion that I'm finally back to where I was about 6mo after I had Susan. That also happens to be where my fitness level (and weight) stayed because I got pregnant with Cameron so quickly. It took me 11 months to get here after Cameron, but I'm back baby!!

Time to work hard and get my time down for the Governor's Cup 5k in the fall. That was the very first road race that I ever ran. I would like to beat that first year's time, which was my best. My other goal that goes along with that, is to be 20lbs lighter by then as well. I know I can do it!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Sign of the Times

This billboard caught my attention this morning.  Hmm.  I guess I didn't realize how common this procedure had become.  It happens to be right above a liquor store.  Just in case.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring and Love

Here in Nebraska there is a collective "hoorah" right now. After a LONG winter with several feet of snow that didn't melt we are finally free! The trees are budding, the grass is growing, and some of my dear friends are miserable from the growth explosion. Sorry friends. :(

I am so glad to be able to take the kids outside. My living room was starting to feel like a prison. Keeping TV out of the regular rotation was getting increasingly difficult. Keeping my sanity regularly was becoming increasingly difficult!

Today we got to go outside during morning nap for the babies. Liam wanted to read the new book he got, so he stayed inside on the "cry watch" and I took the other three outside. We dug a hole and planted a plant. The little kids liked to push the dirt around the plant and then give it a drink.

I was also very productive with our time this morning and cleaned up the garage a little. I couldn't find my pots to put my tomato plants in, so I rearranged and swept up a bit. Amazing what just gets tossed in the garage when you don't park in there. I have a couple of bikes that I need to gift as well.

Naps were a mess today. Susan woke up early, screaming and proceeded to scream and wake everyone else. I normally take advantage of the end of nap time (after math class) to take a complete rest. No book, no phone, no nothing. Me, on the couch, eyes closed - resting. I never realized how important that 30 minutes or so really is till I missed it all week.

We did get to have our afternoon snack outside. It's so wonderful to have a back yard and to have toys for the kids to play on. Cameron was a wild man and it was hard to keep him from crawling off down the alley! One of my daycare sweeties wasn't feeling well so we went inside a little early.

Still, so very blessed! We actually got another check from the dental insurance company today. With Liam's braces, and hubby's major dental work we had incurred major expenses already this year. It was up to us to pay up front then wait on the insurance to pay us back. They paid more than I thought they would! Bonus!!

Grabbed some groceries tonight with my love. The big kids stayed home, so DH and I strolled through Hy-Vee and took our time. We spent a bit more than usual, bought a ball for each child and some different healthy snacks for variety - but it's okay. It was a good day.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Gift from My Hubby

I can't wait to give this little guy a home in the garden!  The kids are very excited for the friuts of this beautiful plant. fresh Brussel Sprouts!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Its Time

To get planting!  Finally dry enough on Sunday to get my plot all tilled up, now I can plant theses little beauties, and SOON my other little planty friends!

I Should Have Slapped Me

Last night around 9pm I looked at my husband and said:

"I'm kind of tired tonight, think I'll turn in a little early."

If you are a parent or have studied Murphy's Law, you know what happened next. Screaming, fussing baby up and down til Midnight, then up again about 5am. Oddly, when he went down at 12 (after a heavy dose of Mylacon and Ambasol followed by a bottle...and some stuff for the baby too) I thought to myself - "If I can just get about 5hrs of sleep, I think I'll be okay." Hubby said he got up with the little guy but I didn't hear a thing...for 5 hours.

I was thinking today that, it's to bad I can't go back in time and speak to myself one year ago today. I would most likely slap the crap right out of me. Nine months pregnant or not, someone should have taken me by the shoulders last spring and shook some sense into me.

I always take on to much. But having a new baby, taking on another baby the same age to sit for (who neither one took a decent nap until they were 6mo old) and deciding to home school our grade schoolers all at the same time was just plain stupid.

***insert gasping at the word "stupid"***

In the last year, I have reached new levels of complete insanity. I have been more exhausted in the last year than I have ever been in my entire life. Though I have learned much about myself and about my children, I have to wonder if the slower path might not have payed off just as well in it's own time.

Hark, what is that I hear? Oh my goodness. New level of insanity. Must go and cover my head with a pillow...eight year old crying because she is hungry (aka doesn't want to go to bed), big brother telling her to stop it over and over and over...just got baby to bed after hour scream fest and quarter hour shushing.

I keep waiting for that level of "crazy" when I can just stare off into space and drool on myself. Not soon enough...

Monday, April 5, 2010

My Soundtrack

Baby Cam-Cam has spots.

They started yesterday in the nursery at church. Didn't look like hives, more like little pimples in places. I scooped him up and took him home. Missed festivities at my brothers place, and watched the spots spread.

This morning was that waiting game til the doctors office opened. Called the daycare clients and told them to stay away til I figured out what was up. Took my blotchy, fussy baby in immediately in the morning.

My lovely mushroom and egg white omelet left to grow cold on the stove. Found everyones jackets, wrestled Susan into clothes, remembered my cell phone, insurance card, adjusted straps on car seats.

Turned on the car to hear Third Day singing to me on the radio.

"There's a light at the end of this tunnel..."

I smiled. I hadn't felt any more stressed than usual this morning. Babies get sick. Two year olds are difficult. I don't always get to eat when I want. Nothing new. Just the way it is.

But somehow, that song reminded me that God sees what I'm going through, AND it's not just an exercise. All of this is worth something. I am learning patience, compassion, joy in all things. I am becoming stronger, more capable, and more experienced. I am learning to be the very best woman I can be.

So hooray for learning to live, boo for baby boy having hives. :( Yikes! I had a horrible case of hives when he was about 8wks old. No idea why. I do have extremely sensitive skin, and frequently have to remove any jewelry and heal up from a spontaneous rash. Maybe baby boy got Momma's skin. Hope not.

Not bad for a Monday. He looked a lot better tonight - and maybe he will sleep well. Tomorrow will bring new excitement, I'm sure!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Lesson is Life

Happy Resurrection Day!! He is risen, just as he said.

What a fabulous weekend. We had a date last night. My super duper hubby and I went to eat at Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant. I'm happy to report, that I had about 5 chips with salsa from the basket. In fact, hubby nibbled on just a few as well and most of that basket of chips went to waste...not to waist.

I love South American Cuisine and require that my Mexican food be cooked by actual Mexicans. This place is so authentic that I ordered something and wasn't entirely sure what it was. Unfortunately, it came out as battered and deep fried steak! Oh no!! I cut a little and tried to take the breading off, but it still just wasn't very good. So I tried something new. I ordered something else! Hubby agreed that it would be worth it to just pay for another entrée to be sure to get what tastes good. Awesomeness though...the waiter wouldn't let us pay for both dishes, just wanted us to be pleased with our meal. He got a nice tip!

We did go to the mall and walk around while nibbling on some chocolate. We ran into my brother in law and his sweet wife while there and had a nice chat with them. On the way home we stopped and enjoyed a latte. All told, we were home before 10pm. But wow...was it ever nice to get away. We dressed up spiffy and enjoyed taking our time and just being together.

Before we left for supper I had only had about 600 calories...and had burned over 500 during my workout. I did what I needed to do to be able to eat a little less restrictive. Though, I think I strained my left quadriceps muscle during my harder workout. I had some considerable discomfort yesterday after the yoga.

So I was thinking today about the non-moving scale. I am working hard and staying the course and basically just waiting it out. I am praying that I see progress soon as I am starting to get discouraged. In my prayers, I felt some answers. I felt like the lesson in this is that I need to be able to keep this up. Not until I loose the weight, or until next year, or until I turn 40...but for life.

This last month is just a drop in the bucket compared to the next (prayerfully) 50-60 years that will make up my life. I need to be able to make this change a way of life. It needs to be sustainable and more than that, automatic. A default.

I'm 34 and have an infant son. I want to dance at his wedding when I'm in my 60. I want to be able to push his children in a stroller to the park when I'm 70. I don't want to suffer from preventable diseases that detract from the blessing and the joy that is my life!

So, in the immortal words of the late Jerry Garcia, I guess I will keep on Truckin' and count my blessings along the way.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Two is Better Than None

It's always good to keep records when you are working towards a goal. I've been semi-depressed lately over the failure of the scale to budge. But looking back I see that I really did loose 2 pounds in March. That's a FAR cry from my goal of 5 pounds, but also a long way off from the ZERO that was in my mind.

Might as well be zero, though. I've been working HARD. Certainly hard enough to earn more than a 2lb loss. I workout a la Jillian Michaels 5 days a week and stick to my calorie budget. I drink 8-10 glasses of water and do well getting my 100g of protein a day.

It's my crazy schedule. I know I'm not getting enough rest. I get a full nights sleep 2 or 3 nights a week. The baby still doesn't sleep through the night most of the time. I read an article that pointed to the fact that your body needs 7-8 hours of sleep to efficiently burn fat.

But what do I do? Just hang out and stay this heavy until our son decides he doesn't need a hug or a bottle in the night? Sometimes it's our 2.5yr old that's up. If not them, then one of the big kids with growing pains, or tummy aches.

My point is - no time will ever be a good time. If I wait until all the factors are in line, it will never happen. And I know me - I won't stay here (35lbs down) I will gain back what I lost and have 75lbs to loose again!!

Just for today - I will trust the process. I will feed my body good fuel. I will observe Friday as my "rest day" but do some light stretching and take a walk. Because it's good for me.

Just for today - I will drink the water my body needs. I will keep my chin up and take comfort in knowing that it's just a matter of time.

Just for today - I will stop comparing my weight loss to my husbands. This is a personal commitment, not a competition. I will be happy for him, and happy for me to! I will be grateful that he is committed to a healthy lifestyle.

Today is all I have. Thank you Lord that I don't have to take on any more days at one time!