Monday, April 5, 2010

My Soundtrack

Baby Cam-Cam has spots.

They started yesterday in the nursery at church. Didn't look like hives, more like little pimples in places. I scooped him up and took him home. Missed festivities at my brothers place, and watched the spots spread.

This morning was that waiting game til the doctors office opened. Called the daycare clients and told them to stay away til I figured out what was up. Took my blotchy, fussy baby in immediately in the morning.

My lovely mushroom and egg white omelet left to grow cold on the stove. Found everyones jackets, wrestled Susan into clothes, remembered my cell phone, insurance card, adjusted straps on car seats.

Turned on the car to hear Third Day singing to me on the radio.

"There's a light at the end of this tunnel..."

I smiled. I hadn't felt any more stressed than usual this morning. Babies get sick. Two year olds are difficult. I don't always get to eat when I want. Nothing new. Just the way it is.

But somehow, that song reminded me that God sees what I'm going through, AND it's not just an exercise. All of this is worth something. I am learning patience, compassion, joy in all things. I am becoming stronger, more capable, and more experienced. I am learning to be the very best woman I can be.

So hooray for learning to live, boo for baby boy having hives. :( Yikes! I had a horrible case of hives when he was about 8wks old. No idea why. I do have extremely sensitive skin, and frequently have to remove any jewelry and heal up from a spontaneous rash. Maybe baby boy got Momma's skin. Hope not.

Not bad for a Monday. He looked a lot better tonight - and maybe he will sleep well. Tomorrow will bring new excitement, I'm sure!

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