Woohoo for Week Two + *sad face*

Week Two of training for the Legend 70 went great! Since Week One  was a little weak-sauce, I aimed for perfection for week two.  I stuck to my eating, relaxing and training plans to a "T". Monday - Took a 2.5 mile walk on the treadmill while watching The Walking Dead, stretch and foam rolled.  I did 30 minutes of yoga after work and let myself have some time to relax and decompress. Tuesday - Jumped out of bed for a 45 minute run and a 20 minute strength routine.  Still was struggling a little bit with tight chestedness from last week, but we got through it. Tuesday PM - went to the pool for a 45 minute swim.  My friend who just had bariatric surgery went with me and did her pool laps, too.  I am really proud of her! Wednesday - woke up a bit tired from heavy training the day before, but put my best effort into a 45 minute bike and 15 minute run.  If you do them one right after the other it's called a "brick." Thursday - A tired 45 minute bike r

Week One Training Recap

The first week of training didn’t go exactly as planned.   I try not too be hard on myself because that’s what people   say “aw, don’t be so hard on youself.”   The reality is that I am EXTREMELY hard on myself.   I no longer say terrible things to myself or “beat myself up” but I hold myself to a super-human standard with nothing less than absolute 100% adherence revered as victory. Ahem.   Okay.   Now that we got that out of the way…here’s the reality. Monday – got up and did my scheduled walk and stretch.   Monday is an optional day for making up missed workouts or taking a rest day, but I usually walk and watch The Walking Dead episode that came out the night before.   Get it – walking with TWD?   I wasn’t feeling great, still – my chest felt congested and I only made it one mile instead of two with a long stretch after. Tuesday – I took completely off.   I had a scare on Monday morning with not being able to catch my breath and I thought maybe I damaged myself by pus

Indoor Sprint Tri - Downtown YMCA

This morning I participated in an indoor sprint triathlon.  This was the second year for this event (for me) so of course I have been scouring my email and my Garmin historical stats trying to see if I'm better than I was last year.  I couldn't find anything reliable, so I guess I'll compare myself to the Bryan Health Indoor Sprint Tri from last month. The format was similar to the Bryan Health Tri, with a couple of frustrating differences: Swim - 10 minutes; completed lengths counted. Bike - 30 minutes; average WATTS counted, minimum resistance set at 5. Run - 20 minutes; total distance counted, incline required to be set at 2%. My morning didn't start out real great and I briefly entertained not going at all.  I had slept super-duper hard and my body was sore like I'm coming down with something.  Of course I woke up shortly after 6:00am when I actually could have slept until 7:00am.  I got up, caffienated and fueled.  Read my book and enjoyed the quiet tim

Training to Be a Tinman

I am so excited to announce that my training for the Topeka Tinman 70 officially begins on Monday!  I've been diligently maintaining base fitness throughout the winter and getting my nutrition in check  trying to reign in my nutrition.  I'm ready to begin! If you are not familiar with a half-iron (70.3) distance triathlon, here's the breakdown: 1.2 mile swim - which is about 2100 yards.  Okay, no big deal - that's a regular weekday swim, right? 56 mile bike ride - okay...that turns up the heat a little.  Pacing and nutrition will be important! 13.1 mile run - have I lost my mind!? I'll be using a the Intermediate training plan from the book IronFit Triathlon Training for Women by Melanie & Don Fink.  I used their Olympic distance plan last year to finish the Topeka Tinman Olympic distance.  Same training plan, same venue...just a little longer event this time. This training plan begins with 6 hours per week of training and peaks at several 12 hour we

Bryan Health Indoor Triathlon

Today was my first triathlon of 2018! It was an indoor tri with the format as follows: 10 minute pool swim 30 minute spin bike 20 minute treadmill run I love an indoor tri because it really levels you and and allows you to focus on your own performance, not who's lapping you!  Everyone finishes at the same time, so you get to just do you.  It's the best way to TRY a TRI in my opinion. My wave started at 7:20am, so I left early enough from home to get there about 30 minutes early.  I didn't eat anything before, but just had a cuppa coffee.  When I got there I picked up my packet and headed to the locker room.  This race only cost $25 and I got a tech tee, a pair of socks and a swim cap in my SWAG Bag!  Not bad!  There was coffee, granola, yogurt and fruit set up for the athletes. I quickly realized one of my friends was in the heat right after me and we had a great time checking out the swanky facilities.  I made a new friend in my heat and we shared a swim lane.

Yo, Chubs, Let's Go For a Run.

It sucks to be an overweight athlete.  Body of a cherub, heart of Wonder Woman and all that. Obvious reasons include - squeezing into spandex, finding appropriate clothing that is cut in a flattering and covering way, being slow (dang is THAT ever frustrating)...swelling of the feet and ankles (stuffing my club feet into tennis shoes is a challenge at times), bra strap fat, muffin top, etc. Less obvious reasons include - being constantly on a diet but constantly burning so many calories that I'm always HANGRY.  I can't win.  I volley back and forth between thinking I'm not eating enough to trying new stupid diets.  I've done the Renegade Diet, South Beach, Weight Watchers (points ad nausea), Low Carb, Low Fat, Calorie Cycling, Carb Cycling, Road Cycling...oh wait that's not a diet.  But you get the picture. Recently I cut *most* of the dumb-dumb calories out.  Dumb-dumb calories are the ones you ingest that make you want to then eat something salty to go with.

How I Feel About March

March is a strange month and a strange time of year.  I'm reminded of things I don't want to think about and my mind starts to play tricks on me.  I look to God's Word, my Friends and Family, of course my Husband, and Prayer for encouragement and strength. It's been a while since I've been so candid about this part of my life -- sometimes it seems like a lifetime ago, like I was a different person (and believe me, I was!).  Other times, it's so close I can smell and feel the environment that I wish would stay "long long ago." Without going into too much detail, I will paraphrase this story of my past by saying: A long time ago, I lived with someone who was very sick.  This person didn't love himself or anyone else and lived his life as such.  Holidays were always a reason to abuse a variety of substances, and St. Patrick's day was a week long "event" due to this persons Irish ancestry.  I could never prepare myself for wha