Friday, April 2, 2010

Two is Better Than None

It's always good to keep records when you are working towards a goal. I've been semi-depressed lately over the failure of the scale to budge. But looking back I see that I really did loose 2 pounds in March. That's a FAR cry from my goal of 5 pounds, but also a long way off from the ZERO that was in my mind.

Might as well be zero, though. I've been working HARD. Certainly hard enough to earn more than a 2lb loss. I workout a la Jillian Michaels 5 days a week and stick to my calorie budget. I drink 8-10 glasses of water and do well getting my 100g of protein a day.

It's my crazy schedule. I know I'm not getting enough rest. I get a full nights sleep 2 or 3 nights a week. The baby still doesn't sleep through the night most of the time. I read an article that pointed to the fact that your body needs 7-8 hours of sleep to efficiently burn fat.

But what do I do? Just hang out and stay this heavy until our son decides he doesn't need a hug or a bottle in the night? Sometimes it's our 2.5yr old that's up. If not them, then one of the big kids with growing pains, or tummy aches.

My point is - no time will ever be a good time. If I wait until all the factors are in line, it will never happen. And I know me - I won't stay here (35lbs down) I will gain back what I lost and have 75lbs to loose again!!

Just for today - I will trust the process. I will feed my body good fuel. I will observe Friday as my "rest day" but do some light stretching and take a walk. Because it's good for me.

Just for today - I will drink the water my body needs. I will keep my chin up and take comfort in knowing that it's just a matter of time.

Just for today - I will stop comparing my weight loss to my husbands. This is a personal commitment, not a competition. I will be happy for him, and happy for me to! I will be grateful that he is committed to a healthy lifestyle.

Today is all I have. Thank you Lord that I don't have to take on any more days at one time!

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