Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Should Have Slapped Me

Last night around 9pm I looked at my husband and said:

"I'm kind of tired tonight, think I'll turn in a little early."

If you are a parent or have studied Murphy's Law, you know what happened next. Screaming, fussing baby up and down til Midnight, then up again about 5am. Oddly, when he went down at 12 (after a heavy dose of Mylacon and Ambasol followed by a bottle...and some stuff for the baby too) I thought to myself - "If I can just get about 5hrs of sleep, I think I'll be okay." Hubby said he got up with the little guy but I didn't hear a thing...for 5 hours.

I was thinking today that, it's to bad I can't go back in time and speak to myself one year ago today. I would most likely slap the crap right out of me. Nine months pregnant or not, someone should have taken me by the shoulders last spring and shook some sense into me.

I always take on to much. But having a new baby, taking on another baby the same age to sit for (who neither one took a decent nap until they were 6mo old) and deciding to home school our grade schoolers all at the same time was just plain stupid.

***insert gasping at the word "stupid"***

In the last year, I have reached new levels of complete insanity. I have been more exhausted in the last year than I have ever been in my entire life. Though I have learned much about myself and about my children, I have to wonder if the slower path might not have payed off just as well in it's own time.

Hark, what is that I hear? Oh my goodness. New level of insanity. Must go and cover my head with a pillow...eight year old crying because she is hungry (aka doesn't want to go to bed), big brother telling her to stop it over and over and over...just got baby to bed after hour scream fest and quarter hour shushing.

I keep waiting for that level of "crazy" when I can just stare off into space and drool on myself. Not soon enough...

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