Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Hodge Podge

My brain is all hodge-podgy, so the blog will follow. Were I about 15 years younger - this post would be titled "Random". Sick. I think that's good.

Lowest weight on the scale today in 2 years!! SO pleased with that. After 6 weeks of no scale movement to speak of - I've gone down 3.5 in the last 2 weeks. Oh glorious day! I can also do 10 push ups and run 3 miles now, which is probably a better indicator of my progress than that silly number on the scale. Kicking butt and taking names. Hoo-ah!

Been thinking about our schedule for school next year. To be honest, taking off June and December works fine - until you are staring down the barrel of summer. Now, I think I'd (personally) have the whole summer off! I was thinking about having June, July and half of August off along with 2 weeks for Christmas break and 2 weeks for Easter break. No fall break, no Federal holidays, no Teacher in-service days. I haven't done the math yet - but that should work out to be a bout 5.5hrs a day, right now we are doing 5 hours a day and it's never a struggle to get it done

Another beautiful spring day in Nebraska! High of 80 and windy. I just need maybe one more climbing toy for the back yard and we have the perfect play place. David fenced off the last little spot between the southwest corner of the house and the perimeter fence. That gives me a tremendous amount of peace of mind while having all the little ones back there. Though, Susan figured out how to work the gate...won't be long before she's springing the others. Better find some wire to temp it shut.

Always an adventure!

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  1. Girl-- you looked smashing on Sunday. getting so thin!

    If it seems like a long time to do no school, for the whole summer, consider a simple unit study on gardening or flowers or stars/astronomy that only lasts 3 weeks or so.

    If you need baling wire to keep the wild ones "caged", LMK. We have alot of it and I can bring you all you want on Sunday. lol