Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring and Love

Here in Nebraska there is a collective "hoorah" right now. After a LONG winter with several feet of snow that didn't melt we are finally free! The trees are budding, the grass is growing, and some of my dear friends are miserable from the growth explosion. Sorry friends. :(

I am so glad to be able to take the kids outside. My living room was starting to feel like a prison. Keeping TV out of the regular rotation was getting increasingly difficult. Keeping my sanity regularly was becoming increasingly difficult!

Today we got to go outside during morning nap for the babies. Liam wanted to read the new book he got, so he stayed inside on the "cry watch" and I took the other three outside. We dug a hole and planted a plant. The little kids liked to push the dirt around the plant and then give it a drink.

I was also very productive with our time this morning and cleaned up the garage a little. I couldn't find my pots to put my tomato plants in, so I rearranged and swept up a bit. Amazing what just gets tossed in the garage when you don't park in there. I have a couple of bikes that I need to gift as well.

Naps were a mess today. Susan woke up early, screaming and proceeded to scream and wake everyone else. I normally take advantage of the end of nap time (after math class) to take a complete rest. No book, no phone, no nothing. Me, on the couch, eyes closed - resting. I never realized how important that 30 minutes or so really is till I missed it all week.

We did get to have our afternoon snack outside. It's so wonderful to have a back yard and to have toys for the kids to play on. Cameron was a wild man and it was hard to keep him from crawling off down the alley! One of my daycare sweeties wasn't feeling well so we went inside a little early.

Still, so very blessed! We actually got another check from the dental insurance company today. With Liam's braces, and hubby's major dental work we had incurred major expenses already this year. It was up to us to pay up front then wait on the insurance to pay us back. They paid more than I thought they would! Bonus!!

Grabbed some groceries tonight with my love. The big kids stayed home, so DH and I strolled through Hy-Vee and took our time. We spent a bit more than usual, bought a ball for each child and some different healthy snacks for variety - but it's okay. It was a good day.

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