Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Day in the Life

Periodically, I like to snap embarasing pictures of my day and call it "A Day in the Life."  So, here's a photo journal of my life, last Friday.  Bask in the knowledge that my train wreck is on display, while yours is still somewhat private. Ha!!

David leaves for work about 5:30am...and shortly after he left the Blankie Parade marched in to our room.  The SUN wasn't even up yet!!  I am NOT a morning person, so I ushered them into our bed and laid there for the next 30 minutes thinking about how stupid THAT was.

Little ones in my bed...Cameron is sacked - Sue is NOT.
Now, I'm a person that will get up at 4:30am for a run or a ride or some time in the pool...but having my work day start THREE HOURS early made me feel like this:

I'm sexy, and I know it.
 I love coffee.  I don't remember two thirds of the times I've made it...and probably half of the first few sips are taken while I'm still asleep.

Yes, I keep a stack of Runner's World and Triathlete magazines by my bed side.
 The tiny Hitler in my house started with the demands bright and early.  By 7am, he was adamant that I find his "Tri-suit."  Now, this is really a swimming suit that we bought on our vacation - but it looks like Mama's tri-suit, so that's what it is.  I had to dig through some drawers to find it, but I managed to appease him before I found a horse's head in my bed.

You think I'm funny?  Like a CLOWN??  I'll show you funny.
 Next up on the "Torture Similar to Hot Sauce in Your Underwear" was my beautiful oldest daughter doing her Math.  It's one subject that will make her cry.  And make me swear.  Yeah, I'm still sick.

My little lefty doing her math.  <3
 I have recently decided to prepare double recipes of dinner at lunch time.  I've done this before - and it works super duper swell for a while.  So we will go with it while we can.  This creation - Cheesy Pasta Bake was a big hit.

You know that terrible feeling when your nearly-five-year-old decides that she doesn't need to take a nap anymore?  Yeah, and then the next 3 months when you fight with her every day and wind up letting her get up after she finally disturbed the other 4 sleeping kids....and, and, and, when you finally let her watch endless repeats of Wonder Pets on Netflix just so you can fling your head back on the couch in a sitting position and fall in to a coma like slumber until your own snoring wakes you??  No?  Just me then.
This is her favorite shirt.  It used to be white.
 And, if you live here, under The Morton Big Top, there will be bike repairs in your living room.  And the TV (that has no cable or anything really on it anyway) will always be on, showing the current weather and wind speed.  Oh, Lincoln Electric System, we love to pay you for NOTHING.

Our son's soon to be "old bike."  He just saved enough for the new fancy one!

After the bike repairs, we all went to Grand Island for Mom and Dad to do a little Fun Run.  We had a great time, hauled hiney home and had some tornado excitement during the night.

I'm sure my life is much like everyone else's...I'm just stupid enough to take pictures.

Does your kid have a favorite shirt you wish you could burn?

Do you look as pretty as me in the morning?


  1. sorry dear, but your "sexy" morning photo made me giggle. in companionship, cuz I look even more "sexy" in the a.m. but I won't take photos. **hugs**

    1. Yay!! I made someone laugh!!! Thanks, Kay. :)