Saturday, April 14, 2012

Race for GRACE

It's spring.
It's the weekend!
It's time for another race report!!
Today, hubby and I did the 2nd Annual Race for GRACE.

This is a fundraiser for a wonderful cause.  The Grand Island Area Cancer Endowment was established to assist local cancer patients, survivors and their families.  What better reason to pay that registration fee??

The weather started out about 50 degrees, overcast, and a little windy.  Not to shabby for a spring 10K.  David and I were blessed to meet some friends from DailyMile face to face, and got a few pics of the day.
David and I pre-race.  He slouches, I stretch up = almost even height!
 I was excited to meet Amanda from Diary of a Semi-Health Nut.  She is a super blogger of all things of health interests, a newish runner - and quite possibly my new best friend.  Okay - I liked her in the real because she is exactly one half inch *shorter* than me - and that's a first in a long time!  Maybe she's just posing in this photo a little funny...anyway...there does exist people shorter than me that AREN'T children!!
Myself, and Amanda the Semi-Health Nut!
I have to mention the fantasitc SWAG bag for this race.  I'm tellin' ya - I've never gotten SO much stuff from a race - much less a small town race!!
Good thing they included a toothbrush after all those snacks!
David and I both agreed that we weren't "racing" this race.  Our Half Marathon is 3 weeks out, and this is NOT the time to see how fast we can go and hurt ourselves!  I have a very specific goal for the Lincoln Half Marathon, and have worked very hard to avoid injury and increase my speed.  

Amanda ran with us, which was really nice as I don't normally train with anyone!  We chatted and thanked volunteers while we weaved our way around to a comfortable spot.  David and I fueled at mile 3 - not totally essential - but since it was first thing with an empty stomach and no coffee, the little dose of 100cal and 10mg of caffeine was quite friendly. :)

In the last mile, I suggested we really bust it out for a good finish.  Amanda heard sprint, and boy did she sprint!  She pushed me to an 8:53 pace over that last mile.  Now, I run my "quick" 4 mile runs at about a 9:50 this pace was pretty quick for me - and the last mile of 10k to boot!

When I related this story - another runner casually mentioned that that pace was "in there" somewhere.  INDEED.  I usually consider my life to be one without limits - but this exchange brought to light my previous unwillingness to push to pain.

Learning experience - CHECK!
David finishes with a smile!
 We came in around an hour and five minutes.  Great little run to benefit a super cause.  My dad died of lung cancer in 1998 - and if he could see me (a former smoker) run like I do today - I know he would be proud.  Must remember that he WILL be there when I get to Glory!  Oh the saving grace of our Lord Jesus!  HOORAY!
Sporting my 2012 R4G Shirt!
I have to say - I wasn't super excited about the photos taken of myself today.  I guess I tend to *feel* like Mirinda Carfrae when I run...but I guess I still look like Andrea Morton.  Even at age 36, I still have these issues.  BUT - though I may look a little, um - curvy, I am healthy and strong.  I am happy and this was a great day!

I hope you all had a great Saturday as well!

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  1. I love this recap! Especially the part where you call me short...ahem. ;-)

    I am sure your dad is proud of you! And the way you run..who would've known you were a smoker?!

    We will have to race again sometime! And you obviously DID have it in you to push that last mile! :-)