Thursday, March 8, 2012

Training Healing and Enduring

What an absolutely gorgeous looking Spring day it is.  All this sunshine makes me want to chuck the school plan for the day and do something less know...something fun...something not here!

I can't even focus properly on the computer task items I'm supposed to be doing.  I have a tab open for my 8th graders school work to correct, one for this blog, one for the bank website, and another to order next years curriculum (yes, I order early to save big!).
Continuous effort
 - not strength or intelligence -
 is the key to unlocking our potential.

What I'd REALLY like to be doing is flying down the road on my bike - but I think we have a few weeks before that will happen on a regular basis.  While it looks very inviting outdoors, it's still only 32 degrees out there.  Brr...

This week, I have come to the reality of my next race being a scant 60 days or so away.  I have a couple of fun runs in there, but my Half in May is one that I would love a big fat PR on.  I decided to give up all non-essential calories and add some weight training in the mix.  I haven't missed the non-essential calories (well, okay, yesterday was hard) but all the squats and lunges have made my legs quite sore.  I normally consider the Yoga that I do as body weight training...but to get stronger and faster I know I need to do some lifting.

I'm officially one week post Dental Fun, and my mouth feels pretty good.  The place where they took the tooth is a little sore, but I can finally brush past it and not come out of my skin.  The screw that was placed for the implant on the other side is no trouble whatsoever.  In fact, I'm not supposed to chew or brush over it and it's hard to remember because it feels so good.  It sticks up a little, and I can see that being an issue.  I won't have the crown put on it for 3 more months.

Can't say I'm totally hating that I have to have all fruits and veggies sauteed or steamed.  I do like raw produce, but I just can't chew anything right now.  I was already missing two molars on the lower left, and now there's one gone on the upper right as well.  No chips, or gum, or granola, or anything remotely hard and crunchy.  Oh well, live, learn and adapt.

March is a CRAZY busy month.  We have several birthday parties, dinner hosting at our house, practices and performances of This Day of Resurrection, our family mini-vacation to KC to see my sister, a new daycare baby starting, swim lessons, and more.

Taking things one day at a time and trusting the Lord to give me the endurance that I need in life AND in training!


  1. Love your blog, Andrea. I should have read this before bailing on swim practice this morning. I probably would have gone!

  2. Thanks Molly! Sometimes you need a mental health day.