Saturday, February 25, 2012

Indoor Sprint Triathlon Race Report

Today, I completed the Grand Island YMCA Indoor Sprint Triathlon.  The events involved a 500yd pool swim, a 12 mile spin on the LeMond Spin Bikes and a 5k trip around the indoor track - which worked out to be about 40 laps. (!)

My Mom and Grandparents live in GI, so it's always fun to go there for a race.  We arrived Friday night before the race and hung out with the Grannies.  The kids slept pretty well - our older two crashed on the couches and our little ones slept on the floor next to our bed (thanks Bro for letting us crash in your room!).  We were all sacked out by 10:30.

I only slept in 2 hour intervals - but thought that better than the last race I slept for...that one I didn't sleep at all!  We got up and snuck out of the house a little after 6, leaving the kids with the Grands.  

Drawing for my lane.

The event was well organized and small.  Most folks were competing as a team, with one person doing each event.  We were able to choose our own bike in the cycling room, and had to draw for lap lanes.  We only had to share a lane with one other person - nice!

Pre-race "gun" show.
I am a fairly new swimmer and not real fast or confident, so I decided to treat the swim as just another daily swim practice.  I started out with a nice, relaxed freestyle - but switched it up with some breast stroke in with the free and wrapped it up with back stroke.  They had volunteers counting laps and they signaled when there was one lap left.  I felt I swam easy and achieved my goal of a "no stress" warm up.  I exited the pool to find my loving husband and biggest fan, standing there with my special needs bag.  I dried off, put on my shoes and my hat and hoofed it to the cycling room.
Swim time: 12:27

Spinning as fast as I can!
I entered the cycling room and was happy that I had been able to set up my bike previously.  It was all ready for me to hop on and go, go, go.  The AWESOME volunteers had even set me up with a towel and I left my bottle of Gatorade there as well.  Not sure about those bikes...I averaged a SMOKIN' cycling time. I had very little tension and was spinning at about 130rpm's.  I didn't feel overly fatigued, but still challenged. I knew I needed to save something for the run.  The music in they were blaring was TERRIBLE, so I was grateful for my iPhone and Google Music.  And headphones...  At mile 11, I signaled a volunteer who came over and watched the clock until I reached the required 12 miles. 
 Bike time: 24.36

The cycling room was "close quarters."
T2 saw this Momma on some wobbly-bobbly legs...hubby was right there with me, directing me UP-stairs to the indoor track where I knew I had a 5k to complete.  

I was never SO grateful to start running.  I'm coming in to Triathlon from a running background.  I love to run long distances - so pacing is a good 'ol friend of mine.  I started out just getting my groove on - my stomach was sort of upset and I was kinda looking for a place to loose my...gatorade.  After a few laps on the track my tummy settled down.  My music was spurring me on and I was gliding along.  There was this one dude that kept passing me so damn close I could feel him SWEAT on me.  Grrr!!  But after lap 15 HE was walking and I was running so PLPBT!!!  In fact, lots of people were walking, but I was getting stronger!  At lap 30/40 I stepped on the gas, and at lap 35, my sweet husband told me I was set up for a personal best for 5k and I should GO!  Go, I did, and this Momma managed a 5k PR after swimming 500yds and biking 12 miles.  HA!
Run time: 29:45

Total Event Time 1:10:44

My "Award"  - My Split Sheet!

Like I said - this was a very small event.  They gave awards for the first in each Team Division, and first place in Men's and Women's.  I actually placed 2nd in the Women's Overall division, but didn't receive a trophy or medal.

That's okay.

I'm so dang proud of myself I don't need a medal!

When I first laced up a pair of trainers and started running in 2005, my long term goal was to work my way up to "a triathlon" by the time I turned 40 (in 2015).  The fact that I am 3 years ahead of schedule is nice.

A year ago, I would have given my left pinky finger to have an average pace anywhere in the 11:00' I'm busting out 5k's after a swim/bike in 9:45.  Things are getting better.  I am getting better. I need a new "When I turn 40" goal.  Shall I learn how to practice Karate?  Maybe Trail Running, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing?  Hmmm...Maybe this:
1.2mi swim, 56mi bike, 13.1mi run.
Eh - maybe.  

Finally, I leave you with a video from the cycling room.  Complete with me being a total smart-ass AND losing the pedal because I forgot to tighten the stirrups.


  1. I hereby rename you: Andrea the Amazing! Thanks for the report. Proud of you, Friend!

  2. Wow, thats awesome!! Great job. What a fun event!!! Erica

  3. That's awesome PR'ing on your run!! Nice work! :-)

  4. I hope you have a cape to wear all day today, Superwoman! Way to go! Doesn't it feel awesome to have worked so hard to reach a goal and then SNAG it?!