Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dental Bad Swimming Good

I am super crazy about our kids.  But if I hear the voices of the two older ones again today, I'm going to run screaming down the street and in to traffic.

Dental Implant - Fun
Maybe I'm a little irritable.  My mouth hurts because I had the post portion of a dental implant installed yesterday.  And I had a tooth on the other side removed.  It was way cracked and super fussy, so good riddance.  However, the fact remains that I am missing a molar on the upper right, and healing over a screw that was installed on the lower left.

I have had an amazingly small amount of pain since the procedure yesterday morning.  But tonight my swim class started, so I think I just over did a little.  And I'm sorta hungry - my diet the last 36 hours has been like a 1 year old who sleeps 15 hours a day, while I'm still a 36 year old who runs her butt off 15 hours a day.

I'm pretty excited about my class.  I signed up for it at the YMCA for the bargain price of  $30.  Turns out that our little class is taught by this super capable guy  who also happens to be all of that AND a 2 time IronMan.  Wow - I think I got a helluva deal.  I also ended up knowing a gal in the class.  

The major thing that impressed me is that he's teaching us Total Immersion technique.  I've read and watched and practiced what drills I could find from this technique.  I was "this close" to buying the program, but wondered what I could really do without feedback.  

Hooray for feedback!  And what a bargain price.  I can't believe my good blessings at being able to take this class.  I must make time for 2-3 swims per week while I'm taking this class.  I wanted to switch gears for my upcoming Half on May 6th, but I think I will have to eat some extra Wheaties and make time for the swims while I have this cool resource available. 

Ever had major dental work?  I'm hoping to be nearing the end of mine.
Ever taken a swimming class?
Ever been EXTRA glad to put the kids to bed?


  1. Oh gosh--I am feeling for you! My husband actually lost a tooth this week that had been badly repaired years ago. He now has to have the implant like you. I am procrastinating getting a crown I need done, but all this talk of implants makes me think I better do it sooner rather than later!

  2. Oh my goodness I have to also have that dental implant. Please tell me everything, how painful was it really? The dentist makes it sound like its not to bad. Erica

  3. The implant has caused be very little discomfort. The extraction and healing process of that is far more inconvenient. Blessings to you both and your dental adventures!

  4. oh my gosh, so i have the worst luck with dental. i have apparently a very acidic mouth so no matter the brushing i got cavities as a kid, which means crowns as an adult.

    went on friday because i cracked one when i had that crazy seizure and she said ummm you might need a root canal. I said pull the tooth I;m outta here. yeah it doesn't really work like that :)

  5. I'm always happy when it's bedtime. For the kids and me! ;) I've had a few root canals in the last year and there is nothing like mouth pain. The swimming sounds like a bargain and a good thing to focus on! Good luck!