Sunday, October 31, 2010

Time to Start Something

Tomorrow is Monday. It's also November 1st - making the calendar date look kinda cool: 11-1-10. Sure would be a great time to start something new, right?

Personally, I love New Year. I like any time that allows one to start over. People make resolutions, and even with all the negativity and statistical information about how they don't last, they make lasting impressions on those who try, and try again.

So, I am going to make some resolutions of my own for a Pseudo-New Year!

1. FaceBook posting shall be positivity ONLY. Comments shall only be added to encourage or console, but never to engage in debate.
**If you only knew how much trouble I get in on FB when I assert my opinion.**

2. I will try to make time to call someone to just chat once a week.
**I am no good and fostering friendships. I get a little hermit-ish because I stay home and am beginning to avoid social situations. That's not me...time to rewind!**

3. I will have ice-cream once a week.
**All this serious dieting has gotten me down. I need a treat sometimes, too.**

That's enough for November. I'm will also endeavor to make as many dishes with Our Friend the Bean as I can. There - that's a good start

Monday, October 18, 2010

Nearly a Veg

We eat very little meat in this house. It's certainly not that I don't like meat - but have you seen those prices?? Other protein sources are much more cost effective for our large family.

I was chatting with my doctor about a chronic pain issue that I have. Ever since I had Cameron (he's 18mo old!) my back has ached terribly with pain in my hips and radiating down my legs. We've injected it, I've chiro'd it and electric shocked it. I have bad days and good days. I have now developed a plan that incorporates Yoga and strength training to see if I can alter my structure and help myself. Doc agreed that I've got a good plan.

I also asked him about eating Anti-Inflammatory Foods. Doc didn't seem to think there was any conclusive evidence to support these claims, BUT he did say that as a surgeon (for 30 years) he has noticed that Vegetarians always have the nicest tissues. He was careful not to tell me that leaving off the meat would make healthier, but he did mention this little tidbit.

I'm trying not to go off the deep end with this one. I do like meat - made some BOMB hamburgers last night. But I am intrigued enough to do some research and find out if a primarily vegetarian diet might be right for me and my family. Our children regularly clean up veggie dishes and ask for more. Sometimes they surprise me with their love for some of my experimental dishes such as my Butternut Squash Soup and recently Sauteed Spaghetti Squash with Southwest Black Beans.

In the interest of taking baby steps, I've decided to try to work Soy into my diet more during the month of October. I am NOT a fan of tofu, so I opted for Soy Milk instead. It was hard to find any without added sugar - and - I really wanted to buy the Organic variety. The brand "Silk" had just what I needed. I'm not a huge milk drinker, so I just replaced the milk in my afternoon protein shake with Unsweetened Organic Soy Milk. It tastes about the same mixed with protein powder.

What will it be in November...hmm... Maybe I will see how many dishes I can make using beans! I burned my family out on the good 'ol Red Beans and Rice - so it's time to step it up with some variety.

Friday, October 8, 2010

A Matter of Time

"Transition is a battle, no question about it. You have to decide if the future matters. Because what you do right now, every day -- meals and exercise (or the lack thereof) will determine your future." ---- Tony Horton

I saw this quote today and this - "You have to decide if the future matters." - really got to me. That's what it comes down to for every choice I make.

DOES the future matter?

Will it matter in the future if I smoke a cigarette today? Will it matter if I put toxins in my body like saturated fat and aspartame? Will it matter in the future if I do not exercise? Will my future be effected if I don't maintain an appropriate weight?

I was never a future thinker. Nope, not me. Not gonna live past 25, I said, anyway. And I didn't care. In my teens and early 20's I was depressed and full of self loathing. I stood for nothing and blew any which way the wind took me. I tried it all and it all came up short for filling the void.

It wasn't until I was about to turn 30 (and was, indeed still alive) that I started to contemplate my fate at 40 or 50. So I quit smoking to try for a little damage control. I had lost some weight - but only for aesthetic purposes! Isn't it ALL about looking good, after all...ha, ha.

Lately, looking eye to eye with 35, I've started contemplating my fate at 60 or 70. I now have 4 children, and want very badly to be able to enjoy our youngest son's children when I'm in my 60's. I've started looking in to ways to prevent bone loss, keep my heart strong, and stay limber. I am very interested in current research in to foods that keep the body young and healthy - and foods that cultivate disease.

It's funny how your perspective changes with time. My future DOES matter. And with one positive choice after another, it's going to shine!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oh What a Beautiful Day

Wow - sleeping until 6:30am every morning is LIVIN'!! I have such a better outlook on life this week - it's amazing. Poor hubby is getting up at 5am to go to work - but it's not bothering me to much. ;o)

I seem to be falling behind on my school work this week. Chaos abounds here at the Morton Big Top and I can't correct 8th grade math problems with all of that going on. Sadly, our 3rd grader has had a real problem towing the line this week and that only adds to my madness. On Tuesday, she spent from 12:30 - 3pm in her room. Rather that freak out on her, I just sent her away.

When the prayer list in Sunday School came around, I put her on it. Daily, I listen for the Lord to tell me how to handle her. I've long since stopped any form of spanking, and have heard my instruction from Him on the yelling. Stop it. For a long time I was just a clanging bell.

So now, my approach is more stealthy. Since she refuses to do her 30min of reading when we normally do it - she now must do it first thing in the morning. She is NOT a morning person and does not like to do anything first thing, much less reading.

When she refuses to do her math work, even after every attempt to help her, I send her to be separated from everyone for the afternoon. She misses out on finishing her school work and her reward - time on the computer.

I love her so much. Her stubbornness, her craftiness, her creativeness, and even her sassiness just makes me love her all the more. She, like all children, thinks that she made this stuff up. Her main mission some days is to see what it will take to make me crack (up). My job is to keep my cool and remember to ask myself how I would want a public school teacher to treat her when she's doing these things.

Put in those terms, it's easier to decide how to act. I just hate it that some weeks (this one) I spend more time disciplining than instructing. Also, I'm so emotionally exhausted from her doings, that I don't have much left for my 7th graders science experiments. **guilt bomb**

We are almost done with Quarter 1 of the 2010 - 2011 school year! If my God is with me, who can stop me? No one. Not even Alahnnah.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Up for a Challenge

I love going against the grain. I have been described by people that know me as somewhat...intense. I love a challenge, and the best way to motivate me is to inform me that what I am attempting is quite impossible.

So it has been with my exercise and nutrition ventures. Running, lifting, doing more and more! Now I have decided to take on Tony Horton's P90X. I've been contemplating for some time, but with only 90 days left in 2010, it's time! Maybe, just maybe, I can loose these last 30lbs in that time.

I have started a little blog to journal my experience - come along and see what's going on.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Here it Comes Again


Ugh. I can't even take the kids in to Walgreen's or Factory Card Outlet and must avoid at least one aisle in every store this time of year. They literally have corpses hanging from the ceiling. Bloody, dismembered body parts, bats with fangs of blood, demons, ghouls, witches, cackling, howling, screaming. Candy that bleeds, huge insects, axes, swords, guillotines. My kids get scared.


Not for us. Those things do not magically become fun on one day per year. And no amount of candy is going to change death, dismemberment and intentional evil into fun. I hear people say that they know the origins of Halloween, but they don't "celebrate it that way." "We dress in nice costumes" they say. "We only do it for the candy" they say. We know it's a Celtic Pagan Festival...we know that God says not to act like the Pagans do...but we just do it "for fun."

To them I pose this question:

If someone says they do not believe in Christ, but at Christmas time still purchases gifts, and decorates for the holiday... albeit NOT with a nativity scene...would you believe them? Would you believe in their strong Pagan convictions? Might you not think that they believe in Christ a little and that by acknowledging the celebration of his birth they are close to leaving their Pagan practices behind? Might you not rejoice?

That's what goes on with Satan around Halloween. He rejoices in Christ followers who acknowledge a Pagan holiday - even if it IS just for the candy. Watered down conviction is what it is. And "candy" and "fun" is a poor excuse.

Think about it.

I'm not the only one - read more here.