Monday, October 18, 2010

Nearly a Veg

We eat very little meat in this house. It's certainly not that I don't like meat - but have you seen those prices?? Other protein sources are much more cost effective for our large family.

I was chatting with my doctor about a chronic pain issue that I have. Ever since I had Cameron (he's 18mo old!) my back has ached terribly with pain in my hips and radiating down my legs. We've injected it, I've chiro'd it and electric shocked it. I have bad days and good days. I have now developed a plan that incorporates Yoga and strength training to see if I can alter my structure and help myself. Doc agreed that I've got a good plan.

I also asked him about eating Anti-Inflammatory Foods. Doc didn't seem to think there was any conclusive evidence to support these claims, BUT he did say that as a surgeon (for 30 years) he has noticed that Vegetarians always have the nicest tissues. He was careful not to tell me that leaving off the meat would make healthier, but he did mention this little tidbit.

I'm trying not to go off the deep end with this one. I do like meat - made some BOMB hamburgers last night. But I am intrigued enough to do some research and find out if a primarily vegetarian diet might be right for me and my family. Our children regularly clean up veggie dishes and ask for more. Sometimes they surprise me with their love for some of my experimental dishes such as my Butternut Squash Soup and recently Sauteed Spaghetti Squash with Southwest Black Beans.

In the interest of taking baby steps, I've decided to try to work Soy into my diet more during the month of October. I am NOT a fan of tofu, so I opted for Soy Milk instead. It was hard to find any without added sugar - and - I really wanted to buy the Organic variety. The brand "Silk" had just what I needed. I'm not a huge milk drinker, so I just replaced the milk in my afternoon protein shake with Unsweetened Organic Soy Milk. It tastes about the same mixed with protein powder.

What will it be in November...hmm... Maybe I will see how many dishes I can make using beans! I burned my family out on the good 'ol Red Beans and Rice - so it's time to step it up with some variety.

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