Friday, October 1, 2010

Here it Comes Again


Ugh. I can't even take the kids in to Walgreen's or Factory Card Outlet and must avoid at least one aisle in every store this time of year. They literally have corpses hanging from the ceiling. Bloody, dismembered body parts, bats with fangs of blood, demons, ghouls, witches, cackling, howling, screaming. Candy that bleeds, huge insects, axes, swords, guillotines. My kids get scared.


Not for us. Those things do not magically become fun on one day per year. And no amount of candy is going to change death, dismemberment and intentional evil into fun. I hear people say that they know the origins of Halloween, but they don't "celebrate it that way." "We dress in nice costumes" they say. "We only do it for the candy" they say. We know it's a Celtic Pagan Festival...we know that God says not to act like the Pagans do...but we just do it "for fun."

To them I pose this question:

If someone says they do not believe in Christ, but at Christmas time still purchases gifts, and decorates for the holiday... albeit NOT with a nativity scene...would you believe them? Would you believe in their strong Pagan convictions? Might you not think that they believe in Christ a little and that by acknowledging the celebration of his birth they are close to leaving their Pagan practices behind? Might you not rejoice?

That's what goes on with Satan around Halloween. He rejoices in Christ followers who acknowledge a Pagan holiday - even if it IS just for the candy. Watered down conviction is what it is. And "candy" and "fun" is a poor excuse.

Think about it.

I'm not the only one - read more here.

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  1. I agree 100%! I hate Halloween!

    I work as newspaper reporter, and I always take my one week vacation during Halloween week specifically so I don't have to cover the haunted trail, school parties, trick or treating, the legend of the haunted school, etc. Ugh.