Sunday, October 31, 2010

Time to Start Something

Tomorrow is Monday. It's also November 1st - making the calendar date look kinda cool: 11-1-10. Sure would be a great time to start something new, right?

Personally, I love New Year. I like any time that allows one to start over. People make resolutions, and even with all the negativity and statistical information about how they don't last, they make lasting impressions on those who try, and try again.

So, I am going to make some resolutions of my own for a Pseudo-New Year!

1. FaceBook posting shall be positivity ONLY. Comments shall only be added to encourage or console, but never to engage in debate.
**If you only knew how much trouble I get in on FB when I assert my opinion.**

2. I will try to make time to call someone to just chat once a week.
**I am no good and fostering friendships. I get a little hermit-ish because I stay home and am beginning to avoid social situations. That's not me...time to rewind!**

3. I will have ice-cream once a week.
**All this serious dieting has gotten me down. I need a treat sometimes, too.**

That's enough for November. I'm will also endeavor to make as many dishes with Our Friend the Bean as I can. There - that's a good start


  1. Love your November goals. You always keep that perspective! :)

  2. goals are so important! Taking the time to take stock of what is important and what is or isn't working for is such a good idea...

  3. Now that we're several weeks into November, how are the goals going for you? Are you sticking to them?

  4. Amber - I have kept to the positive uplifting ONLY on FB. I haven't called ONE single friend, and the ice cream...?? NOT a problem. ;o)