Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Merry Birthday & Happy Christmas

Terrific Tuesday Workouts

30 minutes of weight training - I began a more assertive program in one of my books.  Tri Power by Paul Frediani & William Smith was included in my registration of a weekend long Triathlon Camp at the local YMCA in 2014.  It's a wonderfully well rounded program that focuses on functional strength, flexibility and injury prevention.
2+ mile run - on the treadmill.  Boo-hoo and wah-wah.  We will all bitch and complain until mid February when the icy tundra of Nebraska recedes again to just "Winter" and not "Holy Crap the Air Hurts to Breathe and My Nose is Now Frozen, HELP!!"

Yesterday I moved my bike and all my weights back into my basement where they are once again nestled lovingly next to the treadmill.  Hate to do it, but gotta get training done in these frigid months.  And I know, I know, there are people in Canada that are outside getting it done in -3 with 40mph winds...but not me, alright.  As an evolved human I've been given free will.  And a brain.

Yesterday was also my 40th Birthday.  Holy shit.  When did that happen?!  I spent the day watching Sci-Fi and eating.  In fact, that's a whole lot like what I did these past 5 or 6 days in a row.  No workouts, lots of sleep and food.  Glorious, sugar laden, fat soaked, nutrient poor, sometimes alcohol laced, FOOD.  It was absolutely wonderful.

Christmas was nice.  Of course, living in a First World country, being a home owner and a double income family there is NOTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT.  Yeah, my kids didn't get everything they wanted, but that's life.  David loved his new gloves. They are thin, but warm and even have a windproof mitt hidden in a little pocket that he can take out and cover up his fingers if/when running or biking in the cold.  Warm hands can make a sucky workout less so.

I was somewhat productive with my time off.  Another "Big Cook" as I fondly put it, was completed.  Sunday after church we went to the mall and got Susan's ears pierced and then headed on to Aldi for a couple wagonloads worth of groceries.  I made 20 meals that afternoon in 3 hours.  If you've never done a big batch cook before, I recommend using a plan from IAmThatLady.com.  Her plans are around $3 and include shopping lists and a step by step.  THREE DOLLARS for the plan and usually about $150 for 20 meals.  We eat them two at a time, sometimes depending on what it is and who is at home - but still, I end up with pre-packaged, ready to throw in the oven or dump in the crokcpot meals for TWO WEEKS that way.
No drama from this girl.  Tough.

I'm using a whole lot of CAPS in this post.  Hmm.

Glad to be somewhat back to a normal schedule.  We are going to see my sister for New Years, so that will be fun.  Our families have both grown so much that she doesn't have a spare room anymore and my kids are way to big to sleep on the floor.  So - we get to rent a hotel room and enjoy free cable and an indoor pool.  Darn.


If only I can make it through another THREE DAY work week... :)

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