Monday, May 26, 2014

Summer Beginnings

We are kicking off the Summer here in Nebraska!  The kids are done with school and will be home with me and on the constant prowl for food and entertainment for the next 12 weeks.

Maintaining order (ie. sanity) is hard.  One thing that I have found is a must, is a tentative schedule.  Not so much for activities but for EATING!  With some kids that can get their own snacks and some who can't it never fails that you end up with a big kid eating the last of the _______ at 1:00 in the afternoon while one of the youngers looks on in over dramatized jealousy.


So I set down rules of what can be eaten and when.  I find that also reduces the constant questioning as to when and what we are eating.  Breakfast and snacks are a little more lenient and include some of the same things -- fruit, yogurt, toast, granola.

Lunch and dinner are on the table about 11:30 and 5:30.  I write on the fridge white board, a list of the meals I will be making that week. I ask that the kids don't snack less than two hours before those times. Sounds reasonable, right?  It takes a little planning on the front end, but drastically reduces pain in the rear end. ;o)

We like to go for a walk every morning and get out of the house, especially when it gets so stifling hot that we can't go outside in the afternoons.  I'm sure we are the scourge of the bicycle commuter.  I try to train the kids to stay on the right, but you know that it can be like herding cats.  We collect rocks, sticks, pine cones, leaves and make lots of stops to look at cool stuff.

This year, I'm going to plan for one craft and one cooking/baking project each week.  I found a couple of neat lists of ideas for the Crafts.  50 Summer Crafts for Kids was my favorite.  I'm not especially crafty, but can follow directions pretty well.  As for baking -- I plan to keep it on the healthy side.  David and I are endeavoring to lose some weight after our upcoming Triathlon on June 7th.  I can't make it and not eat it!

Not much for travel plans.  Not much for money, ha!  We had an awesome time in KC with my Sister and her sweet family this weekend.  Now it's time to enjoy the kids and some relaxing days of summer!

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