Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Running Solace

This week has been hard.  I had a shot of Lupron Depo on Friday of last week, and by Sunday the pain was ON.  It's actually gotten better since then, but I'm still experiencing a level of pain that ibuprofen cannot handle.  Now, I'm not crazy and I'm certainly not any tougher than anyone else, really - but I have continued to run.  It doesn't make it any worse, and in fact it makes my brain feel better.  I do have to lose a little sleep to get it done - but there is something wondrous about that quiet time in the early morning all to myself.

I have a couple of events coming up and am glad to be run focused again.  I really like triathlon, but my first love will always be running.  The Governor's Cup on October 19th marks the 7th anniversary of the first race  that I ever ran.  I did the 5k back then and ran it in 32:23.  I don't remember following a training plan but I do remember running around my neighborhood keeping time on my watch.  I had no idea how far I was running - all I knew was that I regretted all the years I spent smoking!  This year I am doing the 15k of that same event.  Seven years ago I couldn't even imagine running 9.3 miles.  Pretty cool how things change.

The week before that I will be running in the Market to Market Relay.  Our church has an 8-man team that was all dialed in and ready to run.  I had contacted the team Captain a couple of months ago and asked if there was a slot available, which there was not.  Two weeks ago, my buddy Aaron called and told me they had someone bow out.  I'm IN!  I kind of felt like when I was to sick to run Last Blast that I had built my fitness level up for nothing.  I guess it wasn't for nothing after all.  Been tuning up a little with completing three runs within 24 hours in addition to a long run of 8-10 miles on weekends.

I love running and planning to run.  I love comparing running shoes, talking to other runners, reading about it, charting courses, calculating nutrition needs.  Something about it just takes my mind off of regular life and struggles of health and money and kids.  When I can't sleep, I imagine that I'm running and it relaxes me.  I don't know why - but I guess it's good to have something like that.

It may sound kind of sick, but I'm excited to run again tonight.  I have to run on the treadmill in the mornings to be home for the kids, so when I get to run at night it's a treat!  Something about running twice in one day (and not dying!) that makes me feel super tough.  I probably won't feel so tough after my run tonight. And especially after I do hills tomorrow morning.  That what doesn't kill me...doesn't kill me!

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  1. It's crazy because running isn't easy, but you have those moments when it feels absolutely amazing! The first 3-4 miles I ran today felt wonderful, like I was on cloud 9. Then I ran another 3 and realized I should have cut it short with how windy it was and the time of the year...oh fall allergies!