Monday, October 7, 2013

Ladies Retreat Weekend

Yesterday, I had David pick me up short from from a long run. :(  The weekend was very full and I, erroneously, thought that after all that I could run 8 miles with no problem.  Hmm.  I turned early on my route to shorten in because I was feeling tired.  Then as I neared the zoo (about 1.25mi from home) I called for a pick up.  I then saw this sign, which made me laugh and think of my little sister and her sharp wit.

Where does one get a sticker that even says that!?
Looking at my stats, I could see that I was barely trudging along.  I made it about 3.75 miles - so at least I burned off some weekend calories!

Our church's Ladies Retreat was Friday night through Saturday afternoon.  My husband took Friday off to do my job and I went up early in the afternoon to help set up. Several of the gals had arrived even earlier and had it mostly done.  Our theme this year was "From Pieces to Peace" so the table decorations were quilts and puzzle pieces...with Reese's thrown in for good measure.  We have a very talented group of gals on our planning committee!

The table centerpieces.
I am Emcee of the event, so I get to be a goofball with a microphone and do what my buddy Sylvana (the committee chair and all around planner extraordinaire) asks me to do.  She's pretty amazing and a tireless champion of Christ.  Good, good person.  Very cool.

Early arrivals to the retreat dining in the local coffee shop.
We have a talented team of women that lead the music, a professional speaker, a woman from the congregation that gives their testimony, snacks, games, prayer, group's really wonderful!  It is, however, extremely emotional and void of sleep.  My roommate for the second year in a row was a real pleasure.  She is very easy going about light and temperature - and brings me my favorite candy!
Dark chocolate and peanut butter for breakfast?  Yes!
Our speaker was Lora Jones from Kansas.  She spoke on what questions are okay to ask God and how to live with a heart full of pain.  I wish everyone could hear her speak.  She concentrated on how to live with pain and that we need to let joy enter in.  She never eluded that one needs to "get over it" and even said that it's okay to admit that the pain is still there.  I really liked the visual aid she used as she spoke.  It began with a heart all broken up and she stuck the various pieces on while she spoke. 

Let joy in, let hope buffer the pain, have peace like a river.
So a great weekend, but very tiring.  I feel like I'm starting this week behind the 8 ball on rest.  My insomnia has evolved, now, into not being able to fall asleep for hours after I go to bed.  I take my Ambien and wait.  The pills DO allow me to sleep through the night...all 5-6 hours of it.  Unfortunately, my insurance has decided to only cover 10 pills per month, soooo we will have to see what happens.  At this point, I'm willing to pay for a month of it, outright, just to get another month's sleep.  I would really like to start doing yoga before bed, but it's hard to give up more time with my sweet husband.  Especially at the end of the day when most of the kids are in bed.

So it goes.  Life is all about choices.  

This coming Saturday is the Market to Market Relay.  Except for Sunday's busted long run, I'm feeling exceptionally fit and prepared.  Bring on the run - stop - run, van full of stinky boys, eating on the run, delirious Omaha to Lincoln via our legs, fun!  Somehow, I think that will be LESS tiring than 24 hours of heart wrenching emotional drive-by diarrhea at the Ladies Retreat.  

I know, for sure, it will be easier!

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  1. I'll take the <3 wrenching emotions with tear-moistened hugs & you as a Roomie over RUNNING, anyday! Run Andrea! Run like the Wind!!