Friday, August 30, 2013

One of Those Women

Hopped on my scale today for the first weigh in in quite a while.  I figured as much - I'm up to the top of my five pound "acceptable" range.  Time to make some tweaks and back off the cliff.  If I take a good look at the last month or so, my water consumption has been very low and my fruit and veg have been terrible.  I drank a green smoothie every day for almost a year - and had to take a break.

Oh well, time to get back to it.

Just a few years ago, I could never imagined that I would be one of THOSE women.  You know, those women who don't weigh themselves or obsess over calories, fat and carbs.  Those women that go by how their clothes fit and how they feel to determine if they should cut out treats for a while.

Those women without a weight problem.

Okay - so while I haven't been genetically altered I do think that after 10 years of behavior modification and consistency I may have obtained a little more normal outlook on food and fitness.  I still sometimes "punish" myself with exercise and "reward" myself with food - but overall my attitude and self esteem is better and I've maintained the same weight (within the 5lb tolerance) for a little over two years.  I can't say that I'm 100% okay with how I look - but I am serious about working on that.  I refuse to live my life with any regret - even regret over my physical appearance.

My next goal in improving my physical health is to loose 5% of my body fat.  I am at 30% which is unusually high for someone that exercises so much - but it's genetics.  I started a focused and consistent weight training plan in June and have gone down 1% since then.  I plan to continue that and also add some supplements.  The first of which will be Fish Oil.  I've been researching this supplement and 3 others that are purported to be safe and effective.  I plan to add one in per month to assess proper dosage and side effects.  Fish oil is relatively inexpensive and appears to be quite safe according to many reputable sources.

One of the others is Green Tea Extract - though it's primarily caffeine and I'm not sure that I like that.  Too easy to OD on that.  I am trying to be very careful and take my information from several different sources on these supplements.  I would very much like to get down to a lower body fat percentage, and it's clear that just exercise isn't going to do it for me!

I'm hoping that the fish oils will help with my back issue as well.  I have joint problems back there, and the omega 3's are said to help out with that.  Anything to keep that snowballing problem at bay for a few more years.  At just 37 years old, it's hard to consider living with chronic pain for another 40 - 50 years...must do something about it!

Magical Fish read it here first.  *wink*

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