Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Training today consisted of a lovely weight training session for the biceps, latissimus dorsi and trapezius muscles this morning and a fantastic, but short, 1500 yard swim this evening.  

My swim was a little slow, but I trained a little heavier this morning for my back.  I'm on a muscle building mission.  Muscle burns calories, friends.  My husband laughs at my reasoning...I want to eat more. :)  More muscle means more calorie burn means I get to eat more.


The rest of my day was largely uneventful.  I cleaned house and burned up the vacuum.  I made bread and forgot to cut it.  I cleaned up the toy room like 3 stinking times.  Picked a couple more zucchini, ate some beautiful cinnamon and brown sugar Pop-Tarts for a snack (shh...), grilled and picnic'd for supper and had a pretty okay day.

Praying for a couple of ladies that aren't feeling too good.  Even with all the crap that my back gives me, I'm sill in pretty good health.  And even when it's REALLY bad with my back, I'm out like 3-4 days.  I can't imagine being out for months.  Or out for good.

All things in perspective, eh?

Tomorrow is a "sleep in" day.  Get to snooze until 6:45!  Lots of kids to chase, meals to cook and outdoors to be in.  Yeah...that's why they pay me the big bucks. :)

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