Saturday, July 6, 2013

Looking Ahead

I finished up the second brick workout of training and my body is rebelling a bit, as well it should.

The bike portion was 34 miles (roughly 2 hours and change) through the bike paths of our city.  I got home, changed shoes and hat and forced myself to run 3 miles.  Seriously forced.  By the time I got off the bike it was already 11am - I know, I know, stupid.  It was at least 100 degrees outside and a thousand percent humidity.  Okay more like 80 degrees...but it felt hotter.

I just cant train my legs anymore!!

I am proud of myself for completing the workout.  My run was slow - but that's okay.  I was really hurting during the last mile and got some good "embrace the suck" training done.  Shutting off the little voice of doubt is way hard when the body isn't willing to comply.

I can't tell you how happy I am to see that next weekend there is NO BRICK WORKOUT planned!  Thank you, coach Garmin, thank you!!

 Me and my legs did cry when I looked at the next few days, though.

Or after a long run...
Tomorrow - Tech Run.  That's a nice way of saying speed work.  Six 2 minute repeats of mod/high intensity with 1 minute of recovery between each.  I'm walking the recoveries...

Monday - LEG DAY.  Oh, the pain that just two words can inspire.  Wish my gym wasn't in the basement...

Tuesday - Cycling day with a 16k (about 10 miles) time trial.  That means, after a 15 minute warm up, I get to go at "best effort" for 10 miles to use as an indicator of my fitness level.

Wednesday - Hey, lets torture the arms now, mm-kay?  How's about we train biceps, lats and traps in the morning and go for a swim (with a 400m time trial) in the afternoon.

Thursday - Hope the legs are okay because it's time for a Tempo Run!  Our 4 year old always thinks I'm saying Temple Run when I say that.  I tell him that Temple Run is almost as fun as a Tempo Run.

Friday - only training shoulders, chest and tris and CARDIO REST.


So, that's my week of self abuse training.  I try not to plan to far ahead.  My body has a history of non-compliance, lately.

I'm sitting with heat on my back and will probably get to posing a bit.  I took some Vitamin I and supercharged it with a stray pain pill when it didn't help at all.

Now on to the mission of "re-fueling."  Feed me!!