Monday, July 15, 2013

Favorite Things - Summer Edition

Here are a few things that every time I use them I think "Wow, this is totally great!"  I thought I would share them with you - AND - I would love the inside track on what you consider some of your favorite things.

Continuous spray sunscreen!  

I am a simple girl, and I don't usually buy into the latest and greatest thing.  In fact I am about 90 years old at heart.  If I haven't been using it "forever" then it's not worth the extra bucks to try.  Well, I was wrong about this one!

One of my daycare clients brought a can of this to use on her little one and now it's ALL we buy for the kiddos.  My favorite sunscreen isn't available in the continuous spray (yet).  I love how well it covers and how FAST it goes on.  I am running around after the kids and spraying it on at the same time!  Oh, I'm gettin good...

Yes, it's a multi-tool.  After using David's several times off of his bike, I asked for my own.  They are SO handy for everything from tightening up a pedal clip to adjusting your brakes.  I used his to change out the seat on my mountain bike.  The last straw was when I stopped to help this poor kid on the bike trail and he needed an allen wrench.  I had stuff to fix a flat, but no way to help him that day.  Bummed me out.

My beloved bread machine.  My Mom bought me one at a sale and I used it here and there.  This summer, I have used it every day.  A lady gave me about a dozen bags of flour (she discovered she was wheat intolerant) and I have been making bread (and saving $2/day) for our family.  I would never bake bread in the oven in the summer time, but the bread maker gives me the gorgeousness of fresh bread without the heat.

Our zucchini forest.  Only seven plants, but they have really gone bananas!  I've been picking about two each day and we eat them right away.  I had hoped to have enough to share, but it's early.  And let's face it - the fact that *I* got anything at all to grow is a miracle right there.  Zucchini is so versatile, delicious and good for you that it's easy to see why it's one of my favorites.  Oh and right now its free.....!

So far, so good this summer.  

This is week four of training for Last Blast and the workouts have been a little easier.  Only 1400yd at the pool tonight.  I lifted heavy for legs this morning and hit a new high for squats.  I used my fancy 25lb plates and did 95lbs.  Three sets of ten.  Grrr...

I would love to hear about your training and your favorite things.


  1. I love your blog! Wish I had time to make bread and have a garden - such great money saving ideas!!

    1. Thanks for reading! Yes, the garden does take time - but the bread maker is really really just dump everything in in the proper order and push a button. It takes about 4 hours, so could even be set before you go to bed and you'd have fresh bread for breakfast! :)