Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sisterhood and Running Joy

My day started out so wonderfully.

Well, wonderfully early anyhow.  It seems after a week of basically being inert, my body decided that it didn't need any more rest!  I couldn't fall asleep until about 12 and was up and at 'em before 6.  :)  Who needs sleep?

My sweet friend, Diana's, bridal shower was today.  Thanks to some hardworking ladies, I was able to go and enjoy the festivities, snap pictures and be supportive without any work.  Since I have known her, Diana has been such a blessing to me.  She is an inspiration to strong, intelligent, hard working women everywhere and I look up to her and respect her very much.  I pray that my daughters will be as successful as she!

My sister and I.
She will be soon married.  And in May she will graduate and move back to Kenya.  I pray for her.  I pray for her husband to be, for her future children and for all the wonderful things that I have to be hers.

I'm so happy to be a part of the age of technology.  I can stay in touch with her through the years and see what she's like after she's an old married lady like me.

What an immense blessing!

After the girly-girl thing at the shower, I came home and went for I dare say it...oh yes, Virginia, I went FOR A RUN!  My legs were so excited, they just wanted to sprint to the music.  With every foot fall, my body was so happy to be out in the foggy, mild, December air.  I had to hold myself back from just going all out and coughing like crazy.  My lungs were not impressed with my legs love of the sport, today.  As an ex-smoker, I'm used to that.

Thumbs up for a grrrrr-eat run!

Up close, just in case you didn't' get it the first time.

Ha, ha, HAAAA!  You KNOW I love a good run!  

I would say that I'm done being silly - but I try not to lie.  Thinking about a swim or a bike ride tomorrow...and clearly some porch painting and board replacement.  Note to self - take pix elsewhere... Have a great Sunday!

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