Monday, December 3, 2012

Final Decision Sorta

After encouraging others to Do Hard Things, equating long run training to Having a Marathon Baby and even considering whether or not I Am Ready it's almost time to make a decision about whether or not I'm cut out for the full 26.2 miles of joy or if I should stick with my Pikirmi.

I have already plotted my mileage and races for 2013 (hush) and realized that none of my races were a distance that I hadn't done before.  I'm fond of saying that your goals should scare you just a little bit, or they aren't quite high enough goals.  I can't go an entire year playing it safe.

I have planned my training and I think I can do it.  It will be humbling to have to s.l.o.w back down after pushing myself to run faster and faster this last year or so.  But I think it will be good for me.  It also seems to fit in.  I've done an Oly Tri in a little over 3 hours.  I want to do a 70.3 in 2014 and anticipate that to take 7 hours or more.  If I throw a Marathon in there in around 5 hours, it will be a good stepping stone on the endurance highway.  Right?

My Master Plan

Thanks to NoMeatAthlete and his Marathon Road Map, I have a great training plan.  I can register on December 8th.  Which is this Saturday.  And training will start December 30th.

Okay, I think I'm sufficiently scared now.


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