Saturday, September 1, 2012

Am I Ready?

Workout today: 9+ miles on the legs doing the "Forest Gump" around town.  It went really well.  I am still using a short walk interval at the beginning of each mile.  I walk very briskly for 1 minute and take a drink of water.  It works very well, and I've been able to get a little faster average over long runs.  It sounds counter-intuitive, but the 1 minute walk break helps oh so much!

I've been having lots of time to think on these long runs.  Many times I do the run-nerd thing and analyze my training. It used to be that I would run two, maybe three long runs of 8 miles or more while preparing for my half marathon each May.  Those long runs would be difficult and involve soreness and at least 2 days of recovery.

In this new year of 2012, I've tried to be more consistent with the mileage after the Half to continue to widen and build my base.  I was a person that said "I won't ever run the full Marathon."  But having started the sport of Triathlon, I have longer distance dreams than ever.  I want to move beyond Marathon, even, and possibly do a 50k. :)  What happened to me??

So, instead of running 3easy, 3 easy, and 5 on the weekends - I am now running 3-4 speed work, 4 easy, and 8-10 on the weekends.  It's amazing how the resilience of my muscles and joints has increased.  I know what you're thinking...I only run 3 days a week.  Yep.  I bike and swim for an hour the other two days to make 5 cardio days.  Works for me and keeps me injury free.

So, anyhow...after that incoherent babble...

Today I realized something.

I am ready!

After working to lose some weight (8lbs down, maybe 8-10 more?) and expanding my running base, doing some speed work, and mentally committing - I am ready to register for my first Marathon when it opens up on December 1st.

I'm taking my training more seriously, and taking my GOALS more seriously.  Maybe someday I will give up Jalapeno Cheddar Cheetos and get all the way in!


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