Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fall Sticks Around

The first day of winter isn't until December 21st.  Nebraska has taken it to heart.  It was 65 degrees when we came home from church.  My little blue Trek couldn't stand another moment indoors.

Another "thumbs up" pose!  I only rode a few miles outside of the city to get these fantastic shots.  I last rode this stretch of highway when it was much hotter...I like this better.  :)  I went very slow and still coughed a little, but the time on the bike was the most important thing.

I went home from my ride and hubby left for his run.  It sure will be nice when the kids are a tiny bit older and we can do some of our runs and rides together.  The time training together would be great!

I was honored to be invited to a CHRISTmas celebration at my BFF's church.  She's so good about inviting me to things and making sure we get together.  She's my oldest and dearest friend and I don't tell her enough how wonderful she is. 

The celebration included worship music, which I just love!  It was by listing to K-Love and Air1 that I really heard God's word before I even owned a Bible.  We have great music at our church, but being a Mom I don't always get to sing *ahem* uninterrupted.  :)

There was, of course, amazing food as well!  I was practicing extreme restraint, so don't laugh at my plate.  I tried to focus on my time with my dear friend and the presentation.  The ladies of the church each decorate a table.  It was so fancy, I felt like a princess at a Royal Dinner.

I drove home afterward feeling enormously blessed.  While I wish that I'd had more time with my husband, I feel blessed to have friends.  You know you haven't seen  your hubby enough when you start yapping about something and he's think you were talking to him about an idea earlier, but it was someone else.  Eeep!

Have a super week, and be nice to yourself!

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