Thursday, November 15, 2012

Peaceful Easy Days

As the mother of four, a home school Mom, and the owner of a home daycare, I don't often lament as to the ease of my days.  I normally have all I can handle and just enough more than that to make sure that I know God is in charge!

Though, this week has been amazingly serene.  I am down to one part time daycare sweetie, and both of my older children are in public school now.  Do I dare even count my Kindergarten child as a school aged kid?  Her activities are all fun and games!  We do a lot reading aloud, learning to write letters and numbers and simple addition with edible items, yum.

So, I've felt sort of guilty about all the free time I have.  Though, my house is much cleaner.

Tuesday morning we went to the library, just the 3 and 5 year olds and I.  We lingered over books and played the educational computer games.  Today we used our free morning to visit the YMCA.  I had a super relaxing swim and a nice run.  No need to wait for a lane or a treadmill, and the kids had fun playing with other toys.  I've had plenty of time to read my Bible.  I checked out a book from the library to read for pleasure.

Me and my Sue-Sue
It sure has been nice getting things like grocery shopping and library trips done during the day.  With the sun setting around 5:45pm, it's nice to be in the house - or at least approaching the house on foot by then.  I have  more energy and patience in the evenings and more to offer the 5 VIP's in my life.

It is a financial concern.  I've actually applied to wait tables to make up the gap.  But for now, and more pointedly for tomorrow, I will enjoy my "vacation" and my peaceful, easy days with little ones who soon won't be so.

I feel a little guilty about plenty of time to read and the opportunity to lay on the couch every afternoon for a little bit - but it won't last...and I just may have earned it.

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