Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Day In the Life

Here is a few pictures from a typical day.  I failed to keep up on them after lunch...

Here is a photo of the teen in his natural habitat.  I drive him the scant 1.68 miles to school every day now that the weather is cooler.  Aren't I nice?  And yes, this is the only way I could get him in the shot.

The view when I drive out of the school parking lot is pretty neat.  This is our Nebraska State Capitol building.  The sun is coming up behind me and is shining on this beautiful, historic building.  Pretty neat.

I wake up pretty hungry every morning, and I'm always thankful that these taco wagons are not open yet. 
 In the short stretch of 27th Street, I pass two of them PLUS a D'Leon's Authentic Mexican Cuisine...which actually IS open 24 hours.

Taco Wagon 1

Taco Wagon 2
So, I just come home and eat something that looks more like this:

It's better for me - but I sure would rather have a big. badass. burrito.

I won't go into detail about what this picture is about - but let's say that our 3 year old son isn't ready to stand up and use the rest room yet.

Our little buddy, Kyler, is about 10 months old and we all enjoy him to pieces!  We take care of him a few days a week while his Mommy and Daddy go to work.  We've had him since day one - it's amazing to get to know his little personality.  I pray that I will be able to continue with my daycare.  It's been a little nerve wracking lately, as I haven't yet found replacements for 2 of the children that have left.  It will be fine - it always is!

While or little friend takes his morning nap, we read books and work on school.  Our Kindergartner is doing quite well with math, but I can't get her to write her letters on a regular basis.  I've been pointing out the words in the books in hopes that writing will make more sense to her.  All in time...

They sure look sweet, don't they?
And finally after school is all done, we get to have a little TV time.  Doesn't everyone strip down to their underwear and sit in the stuffed animal bin to enjoy their favorite show?

Fortunately, I was able to swim last night - though I had wanted to run as well.  David and I had everything planned out and then remembered that The Teen had a dental appointment at 4:00.  In fact, my poor husband realized this fact at 3:30 when he was about a half mile in to his run!!  No worries, he did get some solid time on the bike trainer before I left for the pool.

Just another day in paradise.

What does your life look like?  I would love to see a picture journal of your day! 

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  1. This is awesome! Love the pic of our state capitol. Of course, I love the others, too, of my grandkidlets.