Sunday, September 9, 2012

Buffalo Run and More

I decided, at the last minute, to sign up for the 36th Annual Buffalo Run.  It's a 5 mile run through the beautiful and hilly Pioneer Park here in Lincoln.  Entry was only $15 and came with a really nice pair of running shorts!  I figured, even if I couldn't run it for some reason, that was a very cheap pair of shorts!

Suh-weet shorts for the Buffalo Run!
I've been sick with a cold for a couple of days, so I just decided to have a nice training run.  My long runs have been 8-10 miles for 3 weeks and then 5 on week number four to give my legs a break.  This fit in perfectly.  I had heard that it was a hilly course, but with my regular slaying of the Beast of North 27th Overpass, I felt prepared.

I arrived early, as suggested in the pre-race email...but showed up at 7:15 for an 8:00am race.  Too early?  Not for this!  There were 300 people there already.  My mantra of "arrive early and get in line for the porta potties" proved, once again, to be sound advice.  I got a great parking spot with easy escape, and was able to take care of business one last time before we got started.
Ready to run!
On a side note: I had a cheeseburger last night AND an ice cream cone.  My guts were in a twist all night long and I suffered this morning.  Not sure if it was the meat and dairy (which I normally avoid) or nerves...I wasn't intending to race this thing, so no nerves that I know of.

I saw many lovely folks that I know...Lisa - the B.A. Mama-jamma from DailyMile that is killing 26 mile training runs.  Makenzie - the cutie that lets me care for her little cutie when her regular sitter is out.   I saw the receptionist from my old dental office, Miss Barb - the crazy chick that keeps her friends running...and, of course I made some new friends by asking people about their shoes, shirts, whatever.  I'm a talkie girl. :)

We raced around the park, up the first incline and back down...along the straight away and past the live buffalo, and back down...  I was thinking, gee...this isn't THAT hilly!  I was clicking along on a sub 10/min mile pace feeling groovy in the 50 degree weather.  I wasn't trying to prove anything, but just to have a good time doing what I love and appreciating the scenery.

Then, right after the 3 mile mark, THE hill came up.  I decided to tackle it and give it what I had.  I've never experienced such acute pain in my chest and arms.  While it was short lived, it was intense.  My cold moved in to my chest and I know the pain had much to do with lack of oxygen.  I crested the hill with teeth barred and actually walked the few feet of the water station to get a drink.  Dang.  Ouch.

Well, unfortunately, that little event slowed me down and official time was 50:51 for a 10:11 average.  I wanted to come in under 53:00...wait, did I say I didn't have a goal time.  LOL  You believed that?!  Anyway - I felt great and got a personal best for the distance.  Good times!

By the time I finished, my family was on their way to church.  I came home, stretched, showered and dressed.  While I was reaching for my flat iron to beautify my hair, I started having the vision disruptions that I get with an ocular migraine.  No, no, no, no, NO.  I do not have time for this!  I continued to do my hair, but the vision impairment worsened and it became clear that I could not drive.  


Text sweet husband and tell him what's up.  Lay down in dark room and see if it passes.  Oh - and chug some coffee with 800mg of Ibuprofen.  Done.

About twenty minutes later, the swirly visuals died down and I drove to church with a dull head ache.  I got there just in time to catch the end of the sermon, sing during the beautiful invitation and get called on to give my testimony about how Financial Peace University changed my life.
Proof.  Thanks Diana!
Wait.  WHAT!?!  I thought that was last weekend...okay, here's me - live and uncut!

Did I mention that I had a headache??

After that we had an all church family meeting...then we went home for lunch.  We drove the teen BACK to church for Bible study, then took the remaining children (oh, Miss A went home with a friend after church) to Streets Alive!  It's an out door event that celebrates family and fitness.  They block of several miles of city streets and vendors set up.  It was kind of neat.  Though I thought there would be "more."

Cameron tossing rings.

Susan in the "little house."

Little Bears won frisbees!

There was a bunch of walking involved, which was probably good due to my insufficient stretch post run.  We took the stroller just in case Susan (age 5) and Cameron (age 3) pooped out and wanted to ride.  Then it was back to church to retrieve the two older kids and home to make supper.


It was a great day.  A busy day.  A blessed day.
Having a ball!

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