Thursday, August 23, 2012

To Tired to Stay Sane

Workout today: 4 miles of pure torture.  Was it hill repeats?  No.  Was it speed work? No.  It was just the very last thing to do after a very very long day.  It was supposed to be "just a run."  but it was humid and about 90 degrees, so my body just felt like lead.  I guess the 30 miles I did on the bike, yesterday,  made my legs feel like posts as well.  

I headed out to release stress, but didn't have enough mojo left to do my run justice.  I came home and picked up our 10 year old daughter for her training run.  She is running her first 5k in October.  I haven't heard a word of complaint in her 3 weeks of training.  She asked me today, if I liked running with her.


I love it.  :)

I'm afraid I don't have any super duper pictures for you today - even though Miss Alahnnah did her "Quad-wa-ceps Song" and the dance that goes with it...gotta record that for you!!

So I will leave you with a link to my sweet friend, Amanda, and her neat-o little blog over at Diary of a Semi-Health Nut.  She is doing a series on being Vegetarian Curious, and you might recognize the guest poster for today. 

So, I guess I will give today one of these faces:

I will get more rest tonight and feel better tomorrow.  Today was physically and emotionally exhausting.  Most of it very, very, good - but tiring nonetheless.

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