Monday, August 6, 2012


Every. Day. Of. My. Life.
Feeling completely unimportant yet utterly overwhelmed.  Like I have to do everything, but nothing that I do matters.

You ever get like that?  Of course.  I'm sure, everyone does!

I have a home daycare that I will be way over capacity in for a short time...and school is starting the same week as the new kids.  As a home school Mom, I have a little different perspective on back to school.  I'm tellin' ya - if I see one more FaceBook or Blog post about how stressful it is for parents to send their children back to school, I'm going to slap someone.

I have one child starting public High School...stress.  One little baby beginning Kindergarten...stress.  No big deal - I'm just solely responsible for her ability to read.  No pressure.

Same story as everyone else.  Life's challenges wax and wane.  We all have seasons of relative tranquility and then some marked by a solid, relentless up hill climb.

What do you do when you are stressed?

Desserts = stressed in reverse.  *grin*

Me, I just work until I fall down.  I take on crazy projects like purging closets, or cleaning the light fixtures, or stripping the wood work.  My husband can tell how far out I am by how much stuff is on the curb.

I would love to say that I throw myself in to my training...but these days, my workouts are in the evenings.  By 6pm there's not a whole lot left save a shred of desire to burn some calories.  I managed to run like a crazy person tonight and cope with this in a positive way.  One day at a time.

Well, gotta go clean up 2 pounds of blueberries spilled in the fridge.


  1. me too! Homeschooling about killed me. I had to do the reading that year and thought she's never going to be able to read w me as her teacher!!! I left spelling out totally b/c she cried everytime I did it with her! The older one homeschooled herself! Thankfully. They are in christian school this year, if God continues to provide.

    I don't know how u do the daycare thing. I'd slap someone, too.

    The exercise is key to handling the stress. God definitely gave me that.

    1. Thanks for relating with me. :) Our high schooler essentially home schooled himself last year (8th grade), too. I had online classes for him and did minimal instruction. It's good that he's going to traditional schooling this year - but hard to let go.