Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Just another day in Paradise.

The Teen started Lincoln High today.  The girls and I dug in to a brand new school year with 5th grade, Kindergarten, and a dose of pre-school on the side.  We made maps of the little ones rooms and a 4 block radius of our neighborhood for the older one.  We talked about the disobedience of the people who built the tower of Babel and how God will accomplish his purposes with our without our cooperation.

The kids all had good naps - thank you Lord - and I made a beautiful Chicken Tortilla Soup for dinner.  That recipe is a keeper, a hit, loved by one and all.  Today.  Next time I make it - probably not.

I managed to turn my legs in to jello at the Y and wash it all down with a short swim.  We stopped at CVS afterward for the mid-week milk run and picked up a little snacky food for a treat.  The kids didn't get to bed on time, but who cares.

On a scale of one to ten, I would rate this day an 8.5...just short of perfect because I still had to cook and clean, but hey - you can't have everything!  My life is sweet.

And my husband sent me the funniest video...sums it up!

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