Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!

No, I haven't finally lost it - I've decided that the 1st of June is a great time to rekindle those forgotten New Year's Resolutions.  Call it June-uary 1st!

One of mine was to spend more quality time here:
Love the memories in this book - going digital is tough.

I started out the year super great, but then March hit.  Crazy, insane, everything happening at once March!  I made it halfway through with a 50% effort, but after that I seriously faltered.  I've taken to writing the daily reading on the big home school white board to remind me.  Gets the kids engaged to.
See the white board...and my new Sheclismo shirt!
I also decided the first of the year to try to work meat and dairy out of my diet.  Meat is increasingly hard for me to digest, and the only dairy I really eat is cheese so...yeah.  Trying to cut that out.  I got breakfast nailed down nicely 100% plants.  I recently jumped on the Green Smoothie train to attempt a total lunch plant-a-thon as well.

A good combo.
It's taken some less than delicious experimentation to come up with something tasty and filling - but today I did it!  Orange, banana, avocado, chard, kale, chia seeds and soy milk.  I also add water (about 1c) until it's a drinkable consistency and blend the bajeebers out of it.  Seriously - you have to leave it blending on high for like two minutes.

This gave me two glasses worth of green goodness for lunch today.  It came out to about 500kcal with plenty of good fats, carbs and protein in there.  Not to mention all of the vitamins and minerals!  Wow, I could have taken flight... Okay, not really, but here's hoping that a little green smoothy-ing will at least help me keep moving and shaking well in to my later years!

The best thing about Green Smoothies is that you can do them on the cheap.  Things like kale, kollards, chard and beet greans are about $1 per bunch and one bunch will last you all week.  You can use up over ripe bananas in there to save on waste and just throw in whatever's on sale.

All stocked up for the week!
So what about you?  

Is there anything that you said you were going to do in January that you might have hedged on by now?

Don't worry!  And DO NOT let the rest of the year slip by without doing something about it.

Make a list of FOUR things that you would like to do.  Small things like "drink more water" or "go for a walk after supper."  Then choose one that you want to work on in June-uary.  Small steps add up to big changes!

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