Friday, June 29, 2012

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Flowers do not choose where they are planted.  People are different.  We chart a course for our lives  and settle our roots in the profession of our choosing.  We decide when it's best to start a family, buy a house, or change careers.

We decide where we want to be planted, and choose the frequency of our blooms.


Well, not really.  In fact, when I was in charge of my planting, I didn't do such a great job.  I had children instead of finishing college, made a career out of something that was intended to be temporary, had a failed relationship and moved too many times to count.  When the dust finally settled in my late 20's, I was alone, under-educated and a mother of two young children.

Accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at the age of 29 was an easy thing to do.  I KNEW I was a sinner and needed help, I had no trouble believing that Christ was the son of God and died for those sins.  I was messed up and needed direction.  Jesus was giving it for free - sweet!

The thing that I've had a slow learning curve on has been the giving up of my LIFE to Christ.  I like control...and while I can't say that I've had a particularly hard time following His leading, I've often wondered where the heck we were headed!

Lately, I've been thinking about my occupation.  Our financial situation dictates that I bring in a certain amount of income each month in order for our basic needs + a little fun here and there.  We don't have cable TV, a car payment, or a nest egg.  I work so that we can eat.

I do in-home daycare.  It's always worked out so well, I know it's where God wants me to be.  In the last year, though, I've had a higher turnover of clients than I'd like.  It makes me nervous each time I have to look for a new client.

I find myself, again currently, looking for a new full-time client.  I started to doubt that this was where I was meant to be.  It's hard work.  There is much time spent in what looks and sounds like a full fledged social riot.  It is not a job filled with gratitude.  You must be able to appreciate not being appreciated.  And it's not ALL bad - I do have the very best daycare kids and families ever.

The more I kicked this around with The Big Guy, the more I was told one thing:  Bloom where I've planted you.  "But - it's HARD!" I said.  "But - for how LONG?" I wondered.  And still, He tells me to stay put. 

It can be enough to continue day after day in the same occupation.  Do the work, bring home the paycheck. But it is so much more rewarding to realize that you are doing what you are made for.  I love children.  And everywhere I go, whether the grocery store, church, or the DMV, children love me.

So, I may not have chosen where I was going to be planted, but I can choose to bloom or not!


  1. love this! totally agree with all of it. doing my first tri in august. We'll see what happens!

  2. You'll be awesome! Way to keep setting goals. :)