Friday, March 9, 2012

Biscuits and Boys

Happy Friday!  I had a good little swim at class last night, and then went back for another mile this morning.  

I didn't want to.  Murphy had a hold of  me.

I got up after a night of tossing and turning.  I seriously had to use the restroom FIVE times in the night.  ??? The 4:40 alarm was just way to early - then I realized that I had laid out my swim suit, but no clothes.  Went in and found some in the dark.  Then I got out to the car and poured my hot coffee in my lap.  I didn't realize we needed fuel in the car last night, so I had to stop and get that.  

Murphy is a punk.  I win.                             
And I came home to a left over home made biscuit which just begged me to fry and egg and top it with cheese.  Oh lordy - recovery food at it's best!  Of the things that I've learned to make myself, biscuits and cinnamon rolls are probably one of my greatest triumphs.

I do see a theme to my workouts this week.  If I waited for conditions to be perfect, I would never get my workouts done.

Speaking of cooking triumphs, I have a new one for ya.  The newest quick/easy/cheap meal that my kids are loving for lunch involves these three simple ingredients.

 I make at least 6 servings when I cook, so adjust this recipe as needed.

5c. water
2T butter
1/2t salt
2.5c rice
16oz package chopped broccoli (frozen)

Bring water, butter and salt to a boil.  Add rice and broccoli, lower heat to low and simmer for 15 - 20 minutes.  Brilliant.  Actually made it twice this week.  My kids like a little soy sauce on it - the second day was a slice of cheese.

And then there's Cameron Allen, age 2yrs 10mo.

I really think that this week will go down in the record books.  By Wednesday I was so simultaneously stressed out and having super sore muscles that I wished I still knew a good pusher.

We started on the "Potty Train" and had some really super good days.  If you've ever potty trained a kid, you know that really smelly/disgusting messes come with the territory.  Yes, well, this guy decided that his bowel wasn't going to be undersold this week.  He made some world class messes including:

  • Dumping all of the cleaning and health additives in to his older brothers 30gal fish tank.  
  • Feasting on a tube of toothpaste
  • Using one of his older sisters bottles of body wash as lotion...and floor cleaner...
Yes, he's been a busy boy.

I'm starting to rethink the exclusion of non-essential calories in my diet.  They may be essential after all.  TO MY SANITY.

Seven mile run tomorrow morning, then a trip to my stylist for a good whacking.  Ahh...things are looking up already!  Have a great weekend. :)

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