Saturday, February 18, 2012

One Week Til I Tri!

One week from right now, I will (hopefully!) officially be a Triathlete.  I've been training in all three disciplines since October, and my first Tri is next Saturday.  It's a sprint distance with a pool swim, small town, limited participants...all the right components for a first go.

Yesterday morning, I did a "confidence swim" to see just how long it would take me to swim the required 500yds.  I wasn't able to do it all freestyle, but I got it done in just over 10 minutes.  I'm pretty apprehensive about coming our of the swim dead last - but my plan is to use these big 'ol bedonk-a-donk legs that God gave me to kill it on the bike.  *grin*  I've done a kajillion bike to run bricks, so I'm confident that I can run on those tired legs.

Workout today - 30 minutes moderate output on the bike, 3 miles moderate on the treadmill.  I meant to do 6 on the 'mill like last week, but I may or may not have had a searing pain small twinge in my right ankle that forced me to stop.

Darn it.

I ran in my old Kinvara's for about 100 miles to ankle was starting to hurt on runs longer than 8 miles or so...I got the PureFlow's just in time.  Or so I thought.  Maybe no running this week - I'll just work on my swimming and rest until race day.

And after my first Triathlon is complete? Well, it's back to running.  I have a race in March (10mi), April(10k), May(Half Marathon) and June(10K) that will take up my time until the Cornhusker State Games Triathlon the end of July.  That is - if I even like triathlon.  I'm pretty sure it will rock my planet like peanut butter in oatmeal, or parmesan cheese on popcorn - but you never know!

I just love the idea of branching out to other sports.  Getting to know people that do other things...learning new terminology (wow, just as I was finally getting the running jargon after 6 years!!), and if you love gear like I love gear - look out Daddy - we now have THREE sports to buy gear for.


So, without sounding to sophomoric - I hope I do good, 'cuz the training has been a blast!

Please, Lord, don't let this Momma Cat drown!!

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  1. You will do GREAT, Andrea. Think of the swimming as your warm-up. Just relax and get through it. You'll do much better than you think. I wish I had your biking and running legs - but that's the beauty of a triathlon. No matter what you are good at, you need to do all three events. It's a great equalizer.