Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Fun

Our 2 & 4 year olds are chasing each other with spatulas.  Our 2yo son keeps making the "buah!" sound and our 4yo daughter runs away screaming and laughing.  They are quite honestly running all through the house.

Our 9yo is walking around in an old pair of high heels pretending to be their mother.  She has on a shawl and carries a bag and pretends to drop the 2 and 4yo's off with me "their Gramma" (me!) and gives me the low down on her "schedule" of imagined college classes and movie auditions that she will be doing and why she needs me to "watch" her "kids."

Our 13yo is in the basement on XBox Live playing a game with his uncle and some cousins that live in another state.  I don't see him much...but I hear him blasting bad aliens.  He cleaned up the kitchen and took out the trash this evening...what else could I ask for?

Hubby and I are watching a theme based Stargate SG-1 marathon.  It's my very favorite show...and hubby likes it to.  I have collected the 10 seasons on DVD...right before they all came out on NetFlix instant.  *doh*

I'm basking in the glow of a super-duper money saving grocerty shopping trip!  I shopped the sales and scored 80 items for $111.02.  Nice.

Ran in to one of my new daycare sweeties Mommy and Gramma.  So good to meet Gramma - hope that meeting me will make it easier for her to visualize where Baby Kyler spends a few hours each week.  It's gotta be nerve wracking.

So, so blessed today.  Blessed to be trusted.  Blessed to be fed.  Blessed to be loved.  Blessed to have a safe place to sleep.

On the fasting front - I waited until 10am to eat, today.  I got up at 4:40am and swam 2000yds.  I came home and made beds, fed kids, and started school.  I had my coffee, sure.  But after I got over the initial "I must eat because it's morning and I just worked out and it's what I've always done" thing, I could have gone a couple more hours in relative comfort.  I did keep up on my water intake today - been experiencing headaches - and that helped.

Tomorrow - I'm looking forward to 10 or so miles in the glorious outdoors!  My shoes are really shot and I have foot and ankle pain on the right side after about mile 8 or so...until I can get some new shoes, I'm relegated to sub 10 for long runs.  Boo.

Well...better go carbo load...corn chips were 2/$3 - yum!

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