Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Worth

In my Financial Peace University class tonight, I learned that I should have a life insurance policy.

As a stay at home Mom with a little daycare gig on the side, I've never thought much about the financial impact of my demise.  My income is enough to buy groceries each week and maybe buy a tank of gasoline.

Tonight, my economic contribution was valued at nearly $100,000.00.  While I don't quite believe that figure, I can now see the value of having my life insured.  If I go out for a run and get smacked by a vehicle, my husband is going to bear a tremendous burden.  The funeral arrangements notwithstanding, David would likely take some time off work to deal with a grieving family.  Simply addressing his loss of income from the event, itself, is a responsible choice.

I don't like to think about such things - but FPU has been teaching me that I do need to face things.  I need to make out a will, in case Dave and I are BOTH on a run and get mowed down.  I need to go over our finances each and every month.  I need to review our credit card statement each month to check for errors.  I need to stop acting like an ostrich with my head stuck in the sand.

I'm not a dumb person.  Time to stop acting like one!

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