Sunday, October 16, 2011


What an amazing day, the Lord has made! My day started out with my weekly weight in.  I am down another 1.2lbs to make a loss of 2.6 in two weeks.  The training in week 3 of Racing Weight starts to ramp up the weight training - but I'm ready!  I've spent the last two weeks learning how to get 30% of my diet from protein, now is the time I get to use it.

Apart from the weight loss, I've gained confidence in the pool, and increased my sprinting ability on the bike.  All of this goes together to make me a better runner (okay and a triathlete).

Which brings me to my race report for this weekend.

Now, I don't want to forget to add that we had a wonderful Sunday service, and some great discussion at Sunday School.  I confess, I did spend much of the sermon making origami for my girls.  But, they were quiet and at least OTHER people could listen!

Okay - race report:  Governor's Cup 5k 2011

David and me, ready to run!
This race is kind of special to me - it was the very first race that I ran back in 2005 - I think I came in around 38 something.  The second time I ran it was in 2007.  I made it across the finish line in 40:38 with a 13:05 average pace.  We had our 3rd child in June of that year and I was just getting back to running.  My husband cheered me on and held fast to the assertion that he would only ever be seen running if someone was chasing him.

Today we ran together.  We did a Half Marathon in May together and it was absolutely wonderful!  We have such a great time laughing and joking along...pretty sure everyone thinks we are a little off.  Today was no different.  Being a 5k, it was easier to push the pace and try to keep up with hubby.  He did a great job of encouraging me on in the last half mile, and got a full on sprint out of me at the end!

Time: 30:07
Pace: 9:42
Overall Place: 157 of 285
Place in Gender: 81 of 182
Division F3539 Place: 8 of 18

A much better race this year and 8th in my age group.  Are you kidding me!?!  I'm SO happy!  My husband is so sweet for running with me.  I really wanted to come in under 30:00, but maybe next time.  I'm grateful for our friends Chris and Karen for taking the kids while we ran, and I'm grateful to God for a strong healthy body with which to run!

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