Monday, October 10, 2011

One Week Review

Week one of following the Racing Weight plan is hereby deemed a success.

I can't say I followed it to a "T" but I did my best.

I set my calorie limit at 1700/day and aimed to get 30% of my calories from protein.  That was harder than it sounds.  I had to go back to eating meat and dairy - and of course, the swelling in my feet and ankles is back.

I'm going to stick it out and get this last few pounds off.  When I start training again for my next event, I will go back to the vegan diet.  It's got a great carb ratio for endurance sports.

The Quick Start Guide includes Low Volume and High Volume training plans for runners, cyclists and triathletes.  Each 8 week plan has two days of strength training that is outlined and illustrated move by move in a preceding chapter.

I am following the Low Volume plan for Triathletes.  I have not yet competed in a tri, but have been biking and swimming this year, and have high hopes!  The training days look like this:

Monday - Interval Swim
Tuesday - Strength Workout (I added a yoga session as well)
Wednesday - Bike (30min easy) + Run (hills)
Thursday - Strength Workout (Another yoga session, here)
Friday - Bike Power Intervals
Saturday - Endurance Swim
Sunday - Fat-Burning Run (slow pace, fasting)

The time has finally come where I count a strength/yoga day as a "rest" day.  ???  I had to switch some of the days around, and my Saturday swim wasn't probably as intense as intended, but all together I feel that I tried my best.  Swimming is not my thing.  Yet.  I didn't feel especially fatigued from this 7 day plan, but did go a little nuts on the calories on Friday and Saturday evenings.  Damn weekends, anyhow.

Feeling pretty good about the plan.  I do feel that 1700kcal/day is about to starve me sometimes...but I'm trying to burn fat and loose weight - so a little deprivation is okay.

And I lost 1.5 pounds.


Yah - I feel super.

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