Friday, September 16, 2011

Veggie Love

Miss A loves her some butternut squash!
I was pretty impressed with the sales on produce today!  Our local grocery has fabulous 1 and 2 day deals sometimes, and this was the time.  They had 4 different fruits for near $1/lb and several varieties of squash for .69/lb.  I love squash, and just recently learned how to cook it up so that kids love it...what a great way to stretch a dollar.

I hear all the time, how expensive it is to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. But really, if you stick to the basics, buy what's on special, and stay out of the fresh meat case, you can get away with spending the same money for healthier choices as you would on crap.

One neat phenomenon about eating high nutrient foods - is that you aren't as hungry as often.  Yep, you read it here first.  Eat 5-7 fruits/veggies and you won't be as hungry even on less calories.  Now, everyone knows that dietary fiber fills up your tummy and helps that physical sensation to click saying "I'm full."  But what most people miss is that your body is pretty craves nutrients - NOT FOOD.

Variety of color = variety of nutrients
I've been experimenting with a plant based diet this week.  Not really that hard, as I thought that I didn't eat "that much" meat.  But having to find something to eat besides my beloved eggs and toast with butter in the morning has been a little bit of a challenge.  Cutting out the meat or cottage cheese as a protein source on my lunchtime salad has been even more difficult!  One day, I even put the spinach, carrots, and some watermelon in the blender and DRANK my salad.  It was delicious okay...but sorta weird.

Last night I made Turkey Burgers for the fam and had one of those *shrug.*  On Wednesday, I had some chips with a little sour cream.  *Eh*  Like I said before, I'm not doing this to make a statement or be a trend setter.  I just want to keep crossing finish lines when I'm 70.
Me before Lincoln Marathon 2045

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