Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm Runner Seven!

We had our Market to Market Relay Draft meeting today.

I feel pretty good about the whole thing. I'm excited to know what stages I will be running, so that I can do some specific training. My stages are probably the easiest - but I am the only woman and coming off an injury, so go figure. Next year I can try to be Superwoman.

Super fast woman, I hope!

Stage 7 (View)
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
Length: 4.50 miles
Surface: Gravel, Crushed Limestone, and Pavement
Exchange Point: 114th and Fairview
Description: Your teammates almost got you to the top of the hill, after a short climb on Fairview you get to enjoy a downhill jaunt to Springfield, NE home of the Sarpy County Fairgrounds.

Stage 15 (View)
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
Length: 3.03 miles
Surface: Crushed Limestone
Exchange Point: 250th and O St.
Description: Runners continue down the Mopac Trail heading west towards the next exchange point in Eagle, Nebraska. This relatively flat section of the Mopac runs parallel to O Street and passes Wright Cemetery on the runner's left. As soon as runners reach Eagle, they will make the transition to the next runner.

Sounds pretty good to me. By looking at the elevation map, I don't think I need to worry to much about hills. I think I will work on my speed, and put some runs on the schedule that are 8 stages apart in time...what does that mean? Beats me...but if we run at an average 9:00 pace (to finish the 78 miles in 11:40:00 or less) and there are 30 miles between my legs (of the RACE - weirdo), then I should have 270 minutes between runs...or 4.5 hours. So, if I finish my 2-a-day training run at 6:30am, I need to be ready to run again at 11:00am...right?
Right!  Sheesh - was I born to crunch numbers or what!? 

Deep breath...have my best. 

Light, loose, love...running is FUN!

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