Thursday, September 8, 2011


I'm doing all that I can to stay on top of being overwhelmed, but my head is barely above water.  I would be ever so grateful if we could just fast forward a little bit.  The next 4 weeks are going to be busy enough there will be no time to breathe.  I picked the wrong month to quit street drugs.

We started school August 29th.  My 4th grader is hell to school, dress, sleep, discipline, feed, anything.  There are days that she is compliant and helpful, but I would guess they total maybe 30 golden, glorious days per year.

I trained through injury for a Half Marathon on September 3rd.  I decided the Wednesday prior that I wasn't running.  Stunk.  My husband ran it alone, I biked around town and cheered him on along the way.  I'm doing better, but my chronic back thing is acting up.

Another race coming up on 10/1.  An 80 mile relay race with a team of 8.  Seven men.  Yeah.  I'm marginally concerned.  I will be running tons of hills this next 3 weeks and I need to sneak in at least three 2-a-days so I don't D.I.E somewhere alone on a gravel road between Omaha and Lincoln Nebraska.  I also haven't found anyone to take the second shift in watching our kids.  I have three available shifts and the one in the middle is still up for grabs.

Wanna watch my brats, er, kids from 12-5p on 10/1?  There's only 4 of them....and 2 of them are self wiping and self feeding.

The following weekend is the Ladies Retreat, which for some STUPID reason I decided to be on the planning committee for.  I have, truthfully, only been involved in a limited way, the other ladies have done a ton of work - but there is a short promo skit this weekend at church, and I got roped in to Em-cee-ing the event, so I feel pressure.  What to wear, can I loose 10lbs by then??

Then there is the looming October 31st "holiday."  Our son is taking the pro side of the argument this year, due to our new Youth Pastor taking the same view.  They are actually having a Trick or Treat for Something to Eat sponsored event. *sad face*  I won't go in to all the details - but Hubs and I believe that Halloween is evil.  I read my Bible every now and then and have been told, in that book, to "flee from evil."  Our family is in the minority among the other Christ followers we know.

It's hard to be a rebel.

I feel hard pressed on every side, perplexed, persecuted and struck down.  But I always have hope. 2 Cor 4

I just like to whine.


  1. Love love loving your blog. I homeschool too and LOVE to run, AND from the metro area too! we should try to run together sometime at Lake Z or something =)

  2. How nice, Anna - thank you!! I'm in Lincoln - but I'm sure we could figure out a way to run together. Keep on writing and running and schooling and, and, and... :)

  3. Ugh... more evil holiday stuff.... when will the world understand?? praying for all concerned. And praying for you often. : )