Thursday, September 1, 2011

Being Prepared

I nearly can't deal with this picture:

This is our oldest son, Liam.  Well, and me, of course.  We had a wonderful visit from Uncle Jack and Aunt Pam from Indiana, who brought the beloved Uncle Deryle and Aunt Nadine.  Liam happened to be at football practice, so Aunt Pam requested a photo with the boy and how much he's grown.  

Here it is.

I just can't express how amazing it is to know that I held him in my two hands, once.  How I watched him learn to walk, helped him put together words, then phrases, then arguments to my own assertions.  Oh, I look around me and I see that years have passed - but it seems like just a blink. 

No matter how hard it is to foster, feed and fraternize with these - it is a great and mighty reward, for sure.

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  1. You, look amazing, beautiful, too-young-to-be-his-Mom, in this photo!