Sunday, August 21, 2011

Service Silence and Suppertime

We were immensely blessed to be able to get a 2nd car not long ago. I was a little irritated about the repair that was needed immediately following, but it all worked out. Purchase price + repairs = still an okay price for the car. This second vehicle has made it possible for use to divide and conquer on such things as shuttling kids, getting the shopping done and fulfilling church obligations. And this last 2 weeks, it has allowed me to meet people that I would have never been able to speak with.

I was contacted, last week, to give a ride to an International Student of the University to our Sunday service last week. I live 2 blocks away from where she is staying, so it works great. Diana is a woman from Kenya, here on a scholarship to complete her Masters degree in Education. SUCH a neat lady! Today, when I went to get her, she asked if we had room for a woman named Sylvia. She is another bright woman, here on a scholarship to obtain her PhD. Wow. I am so blown away by these women. They are strong, determined and intelligent...and so far from home. Sylvia even has 2 small children at home in Zambia - I can't imagine.

I've noticed that I learn more by not talking. Revolutionary, not really - but a hard thing to practice. I have also found that I am probably better liked. Sad. I am a very open person - I share anything to anyone - but that's not always wanted. So, I've decided to talk less - even on the computer. I have quit one of my social networking sites, and have started keeping track of my nutrition and training in one place and one place only. Less time on the computer will be good for me too.

Switching gears again...

We had the quintessential summertime supper this evening. I was gifted with some beautiful garden tomatoes and thought they would be lovely with some bacon and lettuce. Lo and behold, watermelon is being sold at rock bottom price as we near the end of the season. I was happy to serve BLT's and watermelon for dinner. My husband cut up the melon and tomatoes to save my poor wretched hands from the acid in both. We ate like royalty! I would have loved to eat another sandwich - but mine weighed in around 450 maybe not.

Though, I did ride my bike this morning. Fourteen miles in a little under an hour. My hamstring is really bothering me. I don't know what to do. The last time it flared, the cycling was the answer to keep my cardio endurance up and my leg healing. This time, it almost feels like a nerve issue coming down from my lower back. I'm trying not to think to far ahead. I mean, with less than 2 weeks until the Bill Seymour Half Marathon, I'm as trained as I'm going to get, right? At this point, I'm in to preservation. Preserve my leg to get me through the race. Then I can slowly ramp up some speedy 5k type mileage to participate in the Market To Market Relay on 10/1.

So tomorrow - we Yoga. I need to silence my inner self as well these days. My spirit wants to go all out all of the's how I divert and deflect and stuff my emotions. I'm long over due for twice or three times a week Yoga practice.

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