Monday, August 29, 2011

School Supper and Shuttle

Yes, I am reduced to the cute kitty passed out in his bowl of food for this post. This is how I feel tonight.

Today was a day in which I feel very blessed to be needed - and even more so that I can complete everything that everyone needed me to do.

We started school today. My 8th grader, 4th grader and pre-schooler were at the table ready to learn at 9am. My 22mo old daycare sweety and our 2 year old son came along to color in coloring books and cheer on their older counterparts.

Or to swipe their pencils, try to crumple their pages, and cry when the allotted 5.1 second attention span of a toddler was up.

Either way - choose your scene.

The older kids did great - we completed our morning work early enough to have 20 extra minutes out doors. I made something simple for lunch and we even got to watch 40 minutes of TV during lunch. All praise God our Father, those 3 nappers took champion naps today and the big kids and I got down with some Math, Science, and Electives in the afternoon. All told, it went well. I passed out on the floor while Alahnnah was reading Little House in the Big Woods - but only missed about 5 minutes of that.

I made an extra-super-duper sized supper and boxed some up for a couple that has had a rough time lately. I love taking meals to people - it's something that I can totally do - and am doing anyway. So making extra and delivery is no problem. It helps me to be less selfish, too. I go along thinking that I'm soooo self sacrificing - but stepping outside of the normal scope of my day really makes me see that being "other-ish" (PAH 2009) takes more than doing the usual Momma duties.

With my supper packed and ready for delivery, I picked up a neat lady that I've met recently. She is here from Kenya as a graduate student, and I was called one day to give her a ride to church. Anyway - she needed some things from Wal-Mart so we ran over there for a little shopping. I took our 4 and 9 year old daughters with me and the four of us girls laughed and shopped and had a ball. I was astonished to discover that today is her 27th birthday and was able to tell her how much she has blessed us in the short time we've known her.

So amazing how God puts you together with the right people, even people you would never otherwise meet. SO cool, soooo good, YAY God~!

I think I used all the fuel in the tank, though. I came home, had a plate of Veggie Stir Fry and have not moved much since. Tonight was hubby's turn to herd the young 'uns to bed AND he even washed the supper dishes.

The week just gets busier from here! No more 11:00 bed times for this girl!! I'm on a strict 9pm lights out.

Good night~

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