Friday, August 5, 2011

Dear David

My husband is the best person I know. I love my Momma, my sister, brothers and family, don't mistake that. But my husband has no genetic reason to put up with me - hence he is just a little nicer than they are. *wink* Here's a letter to him...if you know David, wish him happy birthday on the 17th.

Dear David,

Thank you so much for last night. It was wonderful! You are truly the only one that can do what you do! I'm sure that Cameron was very grateful as well. Being 2 and having a fever in the middle of the night is hard. You totally speak my language when you step up with the kids. You knew that I wanted to workout in the morning and let me get some sleep so I could do so. I don't know if I could sleep on the couch all night holding a baby - but you make it look good!

Thanks for putting the light on my bike and working hard to make enough money so that I can buy new running shoes when I decide I want to retrain my stride. You always go along with my crazy plans and never say anything to discourage me. I especially like the way you are cautiously optimistic when I dive in, head first, to the "swirling vortex of terror". Somehow, I can get messed up for days when an old song gets in my brain, but starting a home daycare and a home school in the same month feels sane to me.

I'm not a gushy romantic, though I do speak the occasional language of "Flower-ese." I don't really know how to show you how thankful I am for you, except to work really hard to keep you happy. Trouble is, you are one content guy. Low maintenance is your middle name. Which is good, because I am running around trying to save the children/whales/trees/planet all the time and that can be pretty exhausting.

I've never met a more positive person. The Lord gave you to me to counter balance all the negativity that I acquired in my 20's. When someone cuts you off in traffic, you smile and wave all goofy like. That cracks me UP!! It also gives me hope. We CAN be different. It just takes a smile.

Thank you for doing laundry, for washing dishes, for changing diapers, roofing the garage, mowing the lawn, and for that one time we were all loaded up in the car to go to Albion and you got the van started by whacking something with a wrench - it was brilliant! Thank you for helping me figure out how to air up those weird bike tires, for running to get a bottle of propane mid-grill, and for always eating what I cook.

Thank you for being honest with me. Thank you for seeing me in a light that bathes me in potential. Thank you for never trying to stifle my intense personality with the limits of mere mortals. Thank you for laughing at my jokes.

I can't sum it all up here - but you totally rock my planet. I am SO glad that God saved you for me. My only regret will ever be that we didn't meet sooner. I know that the Lord intended it that way - but all of my best days have been with you - I wish there were more! I look forward to my 40's and doing tri's with you, my 50's and running Chicago together, my 60's when we Bike Ride Across Nebraska and my 70's when we grow a huge garden.

I way-more-than-love-you,


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