Friday, June 3, 2011


I guess it took a little Kutless to remind me of what I really am.

Sometimes I get a little down about my day-to-day. I'm sure nearly everyone does! I stay home with our children, I babysit a couple more here and there. A couple of years ago, I decided that I wanted to even home school our older kids.

This tends to put me in a position of servitude. Ever hear your mother say "I'm not the maid!" That's how I feel. A lot. I'm sure most people feel unappreciated at their jobs. Really, the only difference is that I don't get to close the door on an unfulfilling workday and go elsewhere.

I was making a Race Day play list and I came across this song. Great Kutless tune. What it reminded me of, is of what a whiner I've become lately. Wah-wah, poor me. Cleaning up after everyone, cooking all the meals, wiping butts, cleaning clutter. Sob. Whine.

The most important Man in history set out to save, to teach, to serve. Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God, humbled himself to appear in flesh. He lived, toiled, even felt hunger and loss. What makes me think that I am any better than the one who created me? Is not the role of a servant to be sought after? Revered? Celebrated?

I admit, I felt a little sheepish when I started to think about it. Humility is learned, you know. We are all born wanting it ALL and screaming loud and long to get it. It's through life lessons, and lessons from God that we learn that the very best place we could be is in one of service.

Don't know if I will be doing any dances while I clean the toilet, or thanking my tiny residential ingrates for leaving their shoes in the living room...but I will try to be a little more grateful for my role in the Kingdom.

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